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Online eyelash extension training is one of the popular and lucrative professions among people, and people are always looking for a reliable place for training that is among the best both in terms of training and certification. Thirteen Academy helps you to learn this skill online in the shortest possible time and in any place you have access to, and after training, receive a certificate with the approval of a Turkish university.

Thick and thick eyelashes are one of the things that almost all people, especially women, want to have. Sometimes, genetically or as a result of environmental factors, a person has thin eyelashes, and to fix it, he turns to different methods. For this problem, one can go for the so-called eyelash extension method. Although there are various home remedies to strengthen eyelashes, but as you know, these methods are time-consuming.

What is eyelash extension?

Eyelash extensions are made with strands of synthetic compounds made from hair and placed between the eyelashes. In this method, additional eyelashes are added one by one to the eyelashes of the upper eyelid with glue, so you no longer need to use artificial eyelashes or make up a lot of eyes.

What is the difference between natural eyelash extension and artificial eyelash?

The artificial eyelashes that are used are completely recognizable with a simple glance, but the eyelash extension is not easily recognizable and in some cases it is not recognizable at all. In addition, the result you will see with eyelash extensions is far better than artificial eyelashes, and the duration of the extension is more stable and will remain on your eyelashes for a longer period of time without even the slightest change.

آموزش آنلاین اکستنشن مژه 

How are the steps to do the work?

The volunteer should lie completely on the bed and close his eyes. A soft tissue is placed under the eyelashes of the upper eyelid. Using special tweezers, gently remove the eyelashes and apply glue to the tip of one millimeter, then place it on the right part and wait for it to stick. After finishing the work, we must ensure the uniformity of the eyelashes using an eyelash brush, and finally, with the help of makeup remover lotion and cotton, gently wash the eyelids and eyelashes and remove the adhesives.

Generally, these eyelashes remain for 3 to 4 weeks from the time of implantation, although this period depends on the type of your natural eyelashes and their growth rate. For repair, you should go to the beauty salon or the place where you went for extensions after a few days, depending on the opinion of your hairdresser. Also, during this time, you should take help from washing gels to remove makeup and gently clean around the eyelashes with a soft tissue.

The eyelash extension process takes about 2 hours. Different types of eyelash extensions are available in the market of Iran and Europe, but the best results are given by individual eyelashes that are placed between your natural eyelashes. If you want to make sure that the result of your work is good and correct or not, you can use a clean mascara brush. When you draw the brush into your eyelashes, you should not feel that you have artificial eyelashes.

Eyelash extension training

In the online training course of eyelash extension or eyelash implantation, you will be taught the complete process of designing and implementing various types of eyelash extensions to increase the beauty and fullness of eyelashes. This course includes comprehensive trainings related to eyelash extensions, including training on how to design eyelash extensions according to the customer’s eyes, training on classic extensions with the latest methods of the day, training on volume extensions, megavolume eyelash extensions, Russian extensions, spanky eyelash extensions, and aftercare training. Eyelash extensions will be told and taught to you. Whether you are a student or not, in this course you will learn how to choose the right eyelash extension model according to the shape of the customer’s eyes. The purpose of this training course is to train skilled and expert people who have the ability to implement all eyelash extension models according to the customer’s taste.

Headlines of eyelash extension teaching

Getting to know eyelash extension materials and tools
Classic and thin eyelash extensions
3D eyelash extension
Volume eyelash extension
Mega volume eyelash extension
Natural and Hawaiian extension training
Crowned and jeweled eyelash extensions
Fantasy and color extension training
Eyelash extension repair and removal training
Fantasy and colored eyelash extension training
Teaching all kinds of practical techniques of the day

Steps of eyelash extension

At first, in the eyelash extension class, you will get to know the various methods of eyelash implantation.

Then the instructor will discuss the different tools used in eyelash extension.

In the next step, you will learn how to design before work in several different ways.

At this stage, the correct method of doing the work and the amount of hand pressure in each method are taught to the student.

In the last stage, with the help of your teacher and trainer, you do practical exercises of different eyelash extension models on the model.

Classic style

Classic eyelash extension is one of the oldest and most common styles of eyelash extension, and the high efficiency of this method has made many clients choose this style. In the classic eyelash extension method, each strand of natural eyelash is connected to one strand of artificial eyelash and increases the volume of eyelashes in a natural way.

Hybrid extension

In this style and method, fibers with different lengths are used for eyelash extension, and the main advantage of this method is its naturalness. Also, using this method for eyelash extensions does not cause any damage to the root of the eyelash and preserves the natural state of your eyes and eyelashes.

آموزش آنلاین اکستنشن مژه


In the Valium method, two to three artificial eyelashes will be placed between each two natural eyelashes, which has more volume among the types of extension methods. The thickness of the eyelash in this method is almost half, which has a great effect on increasing its volume.

Mega volume

Megavalium is a type of eyelash extension that is used to fill the back of the eyelashes with artificial eyelashes with a thickness of 0.3 and 0.5. The volume of this type of eyelash extension is suitable for very thin eyelashes.


This extension is a different method than other methods in which artificial eyelashes are attached to individual natural eyelashes and make the eyelashes look more colorful.


Adding eyelashes in this method is not done in the same way. In the side part of the eye, the number and accumulation of eyelashes increases and the eye looks more elongated, which is also called the cat shape.

The best eyelash implant and extension school

For many years, the title of the best eyelash extension and implant training center belongs to the 13th academy training center, this complex has been recognized as the best eyelash extension and implant training center at the international level by using the latest global method, as well as one of the pioneers in the field of implant and eyelash extension. Eyelash extensions are in the world. By holding the highest level of training in the field of eyelash extension, this complex has been recognized as an international reference in the world and acts as the best training center for eyelash extension and implantation in this field.

Online training on eyelash implantation and extension

For the first time, online eyelash extension training courses will be held officially in our country with a standard and very high quality level, online eyelash extension and implantation training will be held offline and virtually in Iran.

Online eyelash extension training is now available at 13 accredited academy and can be used by the whole public.

Eyelash extension beginner course

In the beginner’s course of online eyelash extension training, the student first gets acquainted with the methods of maintaining hygiene. Since the eyelash is very close to the eye and is one of the sensitive parts of the body, learning about hygiene matters is very important. In the next step, the student gets acquainted with the types of eyelashes and then learns how to choose the appropriate length of eyelashes and also the number of threads used in eyelash extensions. After that, the items used in doing extensions such as glue and types of eyelashes are introduced and the student learns the use of each one and finally learns how to do eyelash extensions in a practical way and gets to know how to do different methods.

Advanced eyelash extension course

In the advanced online eyelash extension training course, the student will be taught other topics: health, causes of eye diseases and how to prevent them, materials and tools used in eyelash extension, an overview of our beginner’s course, familiarization with other methods such as Valium and Classic, familiarization with maps, 3D designs, fancy and colored eyelashes training in some styles, perfect line methods, photography training and care dos and don’ts after eyelash extension for better longevity of the customer’s eyelashes.

Tools of the eyelash extension training course

Tools needed for eyelash extensions, such as tweezers, eyelash glue, under-eye pads, and other things you should ask your instructor.

After finishing the eyelash extension course, what abilities do you get?

After completing the eyelash extension course, you can perform all kinds of extension methods on all eye shapes with complete mastery and in a professional manner. After participating in this course, you can easily start a business or progress in your work. Considering that eyelash extensions, like other cosmetic procedures, require monthly maintenance, if the hairdresser has enough skills, he can have permanent customers and keep them. Also, by using social networks and other platforms, you can promote your work and increase your customers.

Eyelash extension job market

Due to the daily changes in the world and fashion and the changing demands of customers, people’s attention to eyelash extensions has increased day by day, because in this method there is no need for daily eye make-up and all kinds of eyes can be shaped and shaped with this method. . Eyelash extension is one of the most profitable fields in the cosmetic industry of the country and the world, but to earn more money, you can go to the eyelash lift and lamination course after the eyelash extension training.

Related courses for higher income in Mejaj

In order to always shine in your work and become popular among your clients who do not go to other people, you need to take the complementary courses of this course to increase your income day by day.

. Among the courses, we can mention the tattoo and micropigmentation training course, which many recommend to their customers in addition to this work for the beauty of their customers, which most people are looking for.

Another popular course that many of our students are looking for after eyelash extension is eyelash and eyebrow lift and laminate training. This course is suitable for people who want to improve the fit of their eyes and eyebrows with this course.

Another course that can be very suitable for students is the make-up and make-up training course of our school, which is conducted by top professors in person and online.

Coaching training for eyelash implantation and extension

Holding the training course for eyelash implantation and extension at the training center of Sizdeh Academy is unique in its kind, the training courses for eyelash implantation and extension of this center are updated twice a year, and finally, the latest training methods and topics are available to the students. are placed, due to the importance and high demand of this field in the society, the coaching training of eyelash implantation and extension has received much attention from those interested, the topics of the coaching training course of eyelash implantation and extension are complete and at the coaching level, so that at the end of the course The student will not have any problems or ambiguities in the topics of eyelash extension and implant coaching.

International certificate of eyelash implantation and extension

The international certificate of eyelash implantation and extension is awarded to the student at the end of the training courses and after obtaining a passing grade in the final exam, the international certificate of eyelash implantation and extension is one of the high-level and professional certificates inside and outside the country. On the other hand, the international certificate of eyelash implantation and extension with global validity and a valid registry is currently granted only at the Thirteenth Academy, this institution, as the official representative of the European Institute of Professional Sciences and the University of Turkey, is the only official authority for issuing and awarding the certificate. International in the field of eyelash implantation and extension in the country