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Everyone’s clothing has something to say that can only be translated by a clothing designer. In the words of the famous American clothing designer: You can achieve anything you want in life if you wear the right clothes for it. If you are planning to learn about the most beautiful and widely used field of art from which you can earn money in any situation, it is better to visit our online training course on clothing design at Thirteen Academy.

In the online clothing design training course, you will get to know all the details of this field and you will be taught all the tips. But the main and big advantage that these online classes have over attending is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to travel to Turkey to participate in our training courses. You can easily attend the class right on time with a cup of tea in your hand and design in peace.

Also, the good thing about online classes is that you are no longer involved in taking notes and writing pamphlets. At the same time, more resources are provided to you by the trainers and professors, and at the end of each session, they provide you with a PDF file, voice and videos, which will make you not need any written pamphlets.

History of clothing design in Iran

Clothing design in Iran is not related to the last few years, but it should be kept in mind that art has always had a special place and value among Iranians. In this regard, the type of cover and appearance has been taken from the creative art of Iranians. In general, any kind of creativity and ideation in the preparation of clothes is called design, which has a special place in our historical culture.

If we want to take a look at the history of clothing design in the world, we must state that this case is related to the 19th century when a person named Charles Frederick Worth put his bread on all the clothes he designed and became famous as a brand. . This work continued little by little in European clothing maisons and most brands used the above method. In Iran, fashion design entered the country with this name almost from the Qajar period. At that time, when Iran’s political relations with the respective governments increased, it made Iranians get to know Europeans’ types of clothing and use it to design and get ideas. In the same way, during the era of Fath Ali Shah, the term clothing design gradually gained meaning.

Who is a clothing designer and what are her/his characteristics?

The world of clothing designers is very different compared to fashion designers. Clothing designers do not have the task of leading a certain trend and do not experience the professional life of fashion designers, which is completely strange and wonderful and difficult. Clothing designers usually work in wholesale clothing companies or with different brands and are probably always working with a creative team. Usually, in this team, there is a person who is the head of designers who is a creative person who approves and approves the design samples of other people. Clothing designers usually use their professional feelings in making and designing clothes, so their expertise or work life revolves around clothes, which are the backbone of the fashion industry.

Fashion designers draw inspiration from many sources such as culture, history, nature, works of art, etc. Fashion designers are not just fashion makers. They are involved in all stages of designing, manufacturing and supplying clothes. The duration of designs is usually one season, and fashion designers must continuously hold conferences for the following seasons and look for buyers. For this reason, fashion designers are constantly studying and should pay attention to the taste of their customers.

Online training in clothing design from basic to advanced

The increase in the use of the Internet and online content on the one hand and the problem of lack of time on the other hand have caused people to turn to virtual and online training and find many fans. On the other hand, the time you have at home is the best time to learn other skills you’ve always wanted. One of these courses is the clothing design course, if you are interested in it and persevere, you can enter the earning market after completing the necessary training.

Even if you don’t know anything about clothing design and the only information you have is the difference between a needle and thread, regardless of where you live, you can learn it by participating in the clothing design course of Thirteen Academy from zero to one hundred. Our design classes are like a face-to-face class and you are always interacting with the professor and you can ask questions, except that virtual classes are more economical for you and you can enter the class with a laptop wherever you are.

The job market of the online clothing design course

You may think that the virtual course is not as useful as the face-to-face course or is not taken seriously, but with several reasons, we will say that even the efficiency of these classes will be more than the face-to-face course.

Learning to design clothes at home

Learning at home has many advantages. So that you can start whenever you want and finish when you are tired. There is no need to wear formal clothes and go out of the house and be crowded. You can listen to it again wherever you don’t understand the content.

The speed of learning to design clothes online

Usually, in face-to-face classes, there are thousands of distractions that don’t allow you to focus as you should, and this causes your learning to slow down. History has shown that the concentration and learning rate of virtual students who come to class with interest is much higher than in face-to-face classes. Because many of the distractions that you have in face-to-face classes, you will not encounter in online education.

Access to online educational resources

The same professor who teaches you in the face-to-face course teaches in the virtual course with the same experience. More online educational resources will be available to you, and you will no longer be involved in handouts and note-taking. Because the teacher will hand over the class files and videos to you at the end of the class.

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Class recording and deep understanding

Another advantage of virtual classes is that you can record your classes by installing recording software, and at the same time you can ask and answer questions with your teacher without any restrictions, and you can see the notes on the teacher’s online whiteboard, all parts of the class at the same time. save it and refer to it whenever you need it and review the content.

All the online training classes of clothing design will be recorded separately and will be given to the students.

Online groups with others

Just as you interact with your friends in face-to-face classes and see their designs, in the clothing design course, you can exchange information with other students by forming an online group and get help from them if you have any questions. The online group breaks the boundaries and distances and can introduce you to skilled and outstanding people.

Why is the clothing design industry popular today?

Everything in the world comes back to human needs. These days, people pay a lot of attention to the comfort and beauty of clothes in addition to the material. On the other hand, different tastes, different cultures and different ages of consumers have made clothing design a big and popular industry in the world. On the other hand, people don’t want to wear clothes with repetitive designs and like to try a new design every time. Therefore, there is always a need to be creative and create a new work, which has made clothing design one of the most popular industries in the world.

The principles of its design are divided into two parts: body and clothes.

Body design

In body design, dear ones, you will be taught how to draw bone or muscle organs, head and face design, body and face shading, etc.

cloth design

In clothing design, you will be taught how to draw shirts, pants, collars, sleeves, skirts, coats, etc. In the following, you will also get to know the basics of clothing design and color theory, students will get to know visual elements and types of colors. The basics of costume design are something that can be seen in all visual arts.

What do we mean by visual elements?

level and…

These items are combined together and create a beautiful work of art, and all of them will be taught to you, dear students, in this course.

Color science in clothing design

In the topic of color science, color contrast means that you learn that two colors in the same type or cover do not match, so it destroys the beauty of your cover. Color complements or color combinations means that a new color is created from the combination of several different colors that we can use in designing clothes to give a special beauty to our work. Also, working with gouache, colored pencils, markers, white pens, and drawing pencils will be taught in the course, whose combination plays a role in creating skin color.

Stage costume design

As the title suggests, those interested in designing clothes related to the scenes of the show and more importantly training in designing clothes or uniforms for different businesses where clothes play an essential role in their businesses today. The order and uniformity of the type of cover is of great importance in the works, that’s why the clothing designers are able to order many products from organizations and private businesses.

Ideas for designing clothes

It is not always necessary to use visual tools to design clothes. Sometimes it is possible to create a new clothing design with the surrounding materials and inspiration from many different objects. For example, you can design a skirt using tree leaves and the type of cover. Having an idea and creating creativity is one of the most important tools of the art sector that leads to the design of a new fashion and clothing.

Ideas and creativity exist in the minds of all human beings and it is only enough that they can find the point of focus. Clothing designers more than other people should focus on their ideas and focus on those special and unique designs. Designers must first determine their goal and then draw the mannequin and design their clothes with the knowledge they have found about the materials.

Entering the field of clothing design

Clothing designer is a form of art, so you as a designer must have a creative and artistic personality to be able to create special designs. To be successful in this profession, one of the most important things is to be interested in art. The first thing that is of great importance in the career of clothing design is having a very high imagination.

You must be able to visualize your design in three dimensions in your mind and examine it from all points of view. You must also have enough skill in painting because you must implement everything you imagine well on paper and you must also have a special skill in combining colors.

Besides them, he should be able to work with fabric and use textiles in a creative and original way. Designers must be aware of the changes in the fashion market and follow the fashion news moment by moment. They should be interested in learning new things such as reading magazines, websites and history books. A person who wants to be professional in his work should use every opportunity to get ideas. One of the things he can do is to attend art exhibitions, and using the experiences of the creators of the artwork can improve people.

Having a correct understanding of the way of life and the needs of customers is also essential in the art of clothing design. Clothing designers must have good communication skills and be able to express their mental ideas well.

The job market of the online clothing design course

There are many students who are interested in participating in clothing design classes but do not have enough time to go through the class. Or they like to participate in these classes online at their workplace or home. They can easily join our online clothing design training classes and start learning and training.

The corona virus made us go to the skills we are interested in after a long time, which we always wished to learn. Now, this style of holding classes has become a habit not only in Iran but in the whole country and has had many good results.

As you know, during this time, many businesses suffered losses, but if you thought that a clothing designer would also be unemployed, you are very wrong. Designing clothes is one of the skills that you can work remotely from wherever you are and earn money from it.

Why is the clothing design industry popular today?

Everything in the world comes back to human needs. These days, people pay a lot of attention to the comfort and beauty of clothes in addition to the material. On the other hand, different tastes, different cultures and different ages of consumers have made clothing design a big and popular industry in the world. On the other hand, people don’t want to wear clothes with repetitive designs and like to try a new design every time. Therefore, there is always a need to be creative and create a new work, which has made clothing design one of the most popular industries in the world.

How much does clothing design training cost?

There are various criteria and criteria for the cost of online clothing design classes, including the teacher, school, number of sessions, etc. In fact, education is not a cost. Rather, it is an investment that you make for your future business. The purpose of participating in this course is online training in clothing design and a good and useful training through which you can earn money.