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Online modeling and catwalk training is one of the popular jobs among many people who are interested in the world of fashion and clothing. You will definitely be familiar with this profession when you start looking for training in this profession, but we want to introduce you to the concept of modeling science and profession first.

Modeling and catwalk are one of the areas where brands and sellers of goods and services introduce themselves to the audience and customers. In this way, brands have criteria for choosing people, that’s why they use people who have a good appearance to introduce their brand, which has a special impact on the minds and eyes of the audience. Many people around the world work illegally in this field. Models have gained fame and popularity through this profession and by collaborating with different brands. The influence of the model and its effectiveness is such that it is known all over the world, for example, the Victoria’s Secret brand with its popular models. First, let’s check together what the original meaning of the word modeling is.

History of modeling in the world

Modeling was first implemented in 1853 with the idea of a person named Frederick Worth, who was also called the father of tailoring. He asked his wife to wear clothes that he had designed and produced. With this, he displayed the clothes to the public. It was here that the term “fashion house” became popular among people in France and the city of Paris. In the beginning, there were no special conditions to enter the field of modeling and people with different sizes and looks were used to show the variety of designs, clothes and products.

With the passage of time and the development of the branding discussion and the need to have expertise and skills in the modeling profession, standards were defined for entering this field. Of course, over time and simultaneously with the world of fashion and different designs and annual trends, model standards have also changed a lot.

What is modeling?

Maybe this question is ready for all of you, what is the difference between people who take photos in photography studios and those who are called models. In the following, we will provide you with the answer to the question that most young people ask us. Simply, modeling is a tool by which brands and manufacturing companies present their products to the public with the help of people called models. There are different types of modeling, the most popular of which is clothing and car modeling, which is more popular.

Clothing manufacturing companies organize various clothing shows to promote their brand. These shows are usually held seasonally, where the latest ideas and designs of that brand’s clothing designer are exposed to experts. To display these designs, models are used so that they wear the clothes and move in a certain direction.

Being a model has its own conditions, among the requirements of being a model is having the right height and weight or the right bmi in people. For male modeling in a live show, height 185 cm and weight 1-7 kg less than average height and for women 175 cm and 1-7 kg less than average height is appropriate. However, you should note that these specifications may be different for some modeling agencies.

There is another category of modeling that is not a live show and it is called photo modeling. In this modeling, the main factor in choosing is having a beautiful face or a suitable body, and height is not very important. There are also other special types of modeling, such as large size modeling, which do not have proper height and weight criteria.


Some models work more professionally in this field. These people cooperate with prestigious and world-class brands. Their cooperation with these brands and their capabilities have made them successful and popular all over the world. These people are called super models. Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Cara Delevingne, Gigi Hadid, Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid are among the most familiar names of supermodels who are also very popular in Iran, and many models in our country define them as an ideal for themselves and always They imitate these people in their profession.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a fashion model?

Displaying clothes and goods in print and online advertisements
Advertising products and services in television commercials
Dress up in designer clothes for catwalk fashion shows
Pose for photos, paintings and sculptures
Compile and have a professional resume for yourself
Representation of companies and brands in conferences, exhibitions and other events
Intensive communication and cooperation with photographers, hair stylists, clothes, make-up
Research the item being advertised, for example, the designer or fabric type of the garment
Concepts and terms of modeling

The world of fashion has a series of terms and concepts. People who are interested in working in this field should be familiar with these concepts to become professional in their field of work.


An important profession that models should pay attention to is maintaining one’s physical characteristics. Models must control their diet, have a regular exercise program. Sleep enough to stay healthy and photogenic. Haircuts, pedicures and manicures that are related to women are necessary expenses related to this work.

Individual skills

Interpersonal Skills Models must interact with a large number of people such as agents and judges, photographers and clients all the time. It is very important to be professional, prompt and respectful.

Listening skills

Models should take guidance from photographers and clients during photoshoots and advertisements.

Organizational skills

Models must manage their portfolios and work and travel schedules.


People who are photogenic are more comfortable in front of the camera and posing. As a result, in the imaging project, photographers create beautiful images of them. These people are more successful than other people in doing modeling and catwalk work.


Models must manage their portfolios and work and travel schedules.

The difference between real modeling and virtual modeling

You may have met some people on the pages of virtual networks such as Instagram and Facebook who have introduced their profession as modeling in their bio section, and you have a question, are they really modeling? There are differences between real models and virtual models that you can figure out with a little thought. The real model receives different amounts of money to participate in the modeling project and usually modeling agencies or brands ask them to cooperate. But the work of virtual models is not modeling, but taking photos in the studio, so they pay a certain amount of money for one photo. Then the photographer prepares their photo and adds a special brand logo next to it for beauty, most of which are fake.

What does cat walk mean?

Although some women’s and men’s clothing brands are trying to expose themselves in seemingly new and unconventional movements of each season, but in spite of meeting all Iranian and Islamic standards, the issue of live show of clothes or the catwalk is still taboo. Some senior officials are afraid of breaking this taboo. As long as modeling, especially for women in Iran, is a taboo and a clothing red line, holding underground catwalks will only be detrimental to modeling and the live display of clothes; A live show that is an important link in the country’s clothing industry.

The big brands of the world with the live show of the clothes actually scrutinize the market and the taste of each season and contrary to the popular opinion, the live show of the clothes and catwalk is not a luxury event at all, but a very practical event. The next point is that the look of modeling and the live display of clothes, both for women and men, should be removed from the jangler or luxury look and become a professional concern, so that in the end, a clear idea of what is presented as the new introduction of each season of each brand. create We asked two specific questions to two people who are fashion designers who are also university lecturers and appeared as judges in several catwalk courses.

Considering that the men’s catwalk is held officially, but the women’s catwalk is still held underground or exclusively for women, we asked them if we can hope that in this government, modeling will be a professional concern and not a luxury event. Should it be mentioned in the field of fashion and clothing or not?
One of these professors told us that, in the field of science and clothing, we have much more important concerns than modeling, which is much more important and decisive if the new government pays attention to the textile and clothing industry. Of course, I don’t mean that modeling should not be valued, but the main problem and solution of Iran’s clothing is not only dependent on modeling.

Modeling is an issue that arises with the passage of time and the cultural change of society, and it may not be necessary for the government to implement a special program on it. The other person also said: I can’t clearly predict how this issue will be done, but the process of organizing fashion and clothing, which started a few years ago and has been a hot topic, has been growing, which I believe has moved very slowly. The biggest problem in this field is not using specialists and experts in this field properly and on time.

What topics are taught in modeling and catwalk training classes?

Getting to know famous models
Determining the path of students
Improving people’s skin condition
The correct way to walk
Body shape correction
Teaching the correct use of accessories
Dress code training
Teaching proper poses
Reviewing authoritative sources in the field of fashion
Providing a different life plan
Specialized sports exercises
Getting to know famous models

You should not forget this important point that humans achieve great success by being inspired by the surrounding environment. In the professional modeling training class, world famous models will be introduced to the students. At the same time that the students will get to know different and famous models of the world, they will also examine the behavior and moral characteristics of these famous models.


The goal of the students

One of the most important points of people’s success in the fields of work, education, etc. is to find a specific way or, in simpler words, to specify their goal. Students in professional modeling training classes should be able to identify and choose the right one with the help of their instructors after getting familiar with different models. As we mentioned in the previous sections, modeling has different parts, including dress model, bridal model, makeup model, men’s and women’s accessory model, etc., and people should be able to choose a specific path according to their appearance characteristics and level of interest.Of course, pay attention to the fact that you do not have to choose only one area, but since the training of each of these areas is different from each other, it is better to enter the specific area in a specialized way so that it will be easier for you to continue the path. .

Improve skin condition

As you all know, skin is considered one of the parameters of beauty. A professional model should pay special attention to it. All over the world, various famous models are under the constant supervision of dermatologists and hair specialists throughout their lives. Students of online modeling and catwalk training classes should pay special attention to the condition of their skin and hair and seek advice from expert doctors in this regard.

Be careful that people who seriously intend to enter the field of fashion must be under the supervision of a dermatologist and hair doctor from the beginning of the online modeling and catwalk training classes.

The correct way to walk

Never forget that a professional model can become a popular model because of body anatomy. The superiority of models compared to other people in the society is shown by the way they walk and their appearance style. When walking correctly is consolidated in people’s minds, the beauty of a person will definitely be doubled. A model in a completely specialized way should help to show his style beautifully with the correct way of walking.

Of course, this point is very important and it is specially taught in the online modeling and catwalk training course of Sizdeh Academy. As a student of a professional modeling training class, you must have the ability to instill such a good feeling in the audience with the way you walk and influence your look that they will unconsciously be attracted to your brand.

Body shape correction

One of the main points that students are told in online modeling and catwalk training is to correct their body shape. This step is a complement to the previous one. More than half of people have many defects, especially in walking, that they do not notice and can hardly fix. In our training classes, physical education professors and, in certain cases, doctors are used to help you correct your body shape in the best way.

In the training classes of our collection, our trainers pay close attention to everything so that there is not even the slightest problem in your body movements.

Use of accessories

Each of the people who intend to enter the field of modeling must use accessories personally. In online modeling and catwalk training classes, they will teach you the correct use of accessories according to your age and other factors affecting your appearance.

Dress code training

One of the main and most important points that should be paid special attention to in the field of modeling is clothes. As a model, you have the duty to display different clothes with your standard body in a way that people will be delighted to see them. So, definitely, the models should keep different features in mind and follow them correctly in their everyday appearance and style.

Of course, in different parts, we pointed out that creativity has a great impact in modeling, but these creativity should continue until it does not deviate from the dress standards.

Proper posture training

Throughout their lives, models have to publish various photos on virtual pages as advertisements. One of the trainings that are carried out in a completely specialized manner by photography specialists is the teaching of photography poses to the students of the group. Online modeling training classes pay a lot of attention to this issue and use experts in this field to teach it.

Examining various sources in the field of fashion

Although fashion has not been studied academically in our country, modeling is one of the most popular fields of study in other countries, especially in Europe. Sizdeh Academy, as the best fashion center in Iran, seeks to properly teach these people what the students want by using the best resources around the world, considering the culture of our country, which is Islamic.

Modeling is one of the career fields that many people around the world have shown their interest in and work professionally. Certainly, many people are interested in this field in our country, but due to its lack of popularity, they have not been able to have proper and basic education.

Thirteenth Academy, by holding online modeling and catwalk training classes at both elementary and professional levels, tries to convey the necessary training to students in the most correct way possible and pave the way for them.

Providing a life plan

Dear students, please note that after entering the field of modeling, you will be introduced to a new phase of life, so you must have different characteristics in this regard so that you can make a huge change in your life. Usually, these programs include sports program, food program, program for yoga exercises, etc., all of which are aimed at improving the physical condition of students.

Specialized sports exercises

As you know, one of the requirements to enter the field of fashion is a beautiful body for men and women. Achieving a beautiful body is only possible by following a proper diet and exercise. It is one of the inseparable factors of the field of sports modeling. As we have already mentioned, most of the famous models have taken hard training to maintain their position in this field and they continue it every day. As a model, you have to spend a lot of time exercising during the day so that you can achieve constant fitness. Therefore, you should go for a sport that you are interested in and you can follow it professionally. Many famous models of the world spend most of their time in specialized sports during the day.

As a student who is looking to enter the field of fashion, you must be able to choose a sport and enjoy doing it, so that you can keep fit.

After passing these training steps, students can be directed to domestic and international fashion shows.