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Skincare training in Turkey includes hydrodermic methods, facial massage, cleansing, mesotherapy, microneedling, collagen therapy, caviar therapy, hot stone and other skin care training at home.

Who is called skincare?

In order to get to know the meaning of skincare more precisely, you must first know the meaning of this word. This English word means protecting and caring for the skin, and every action you take in this direction is considered a skin care program that you have done for your skin. .

What is meant by hydroderma?

Depletion of water in the skin tissues causes a decrease in freshness and dullness and the appearance of fine lines caused by dehydration. Hydrating the skin in this way is one of the important steps in cleaning the skin, which is done by the hydroderm method and with the hydroderm device. In this method, the skin therapist first removes dead cells from the surface of the skin, then cleans the surface of the skin completely, and finally sends hyaluronic acid to the skin through internal openings. This cleansing method is popular in Iran, and in addition to reducing fine lines, this method rejuvenates the skin and removes blackheads.

What is meant by cleaning?

Cleansing is one of the basic skin care methods that make the skin beautiful and refreshing. By cleaning surface pollution and acne, it is removed from the surface of the skin and causes minerals and oxygen to reach other layers of the skin. In one of the layers of the skin, there is a substance called collagen, which strengthens the skin.

What is meant by water supply?

The hydration method increases the moisture in the skin. Hydration is also suitable for moisturizing the outer layers. This method also prevents premature wrinkles and is much more useful for dry skin.

What is facial massage?

Another reason for facial massage is to move the blood under the skin. This method relaxes you and helps in the absorption of oxygen-carrying substances. Massaging the skin will remove waste products and stimulate your skin.

What is the mesotherapy method?

This method is a local treatment method with a painless injection. In this method, to solve various problems in the skin, the required materials are available to it. The skin therapist injects various vitamins and nutrients into the middle layers of your skin, and this is done by very thin needles. And it is considered one of the effective methods to compensate for skin deficiencies and prevent hair loss.

What is the microneedling method?

Microneedle refers to very small needles and microneedling is a method for rejuvenating and healing skin wounds. At the beginning of the work, nourishing serums are applied to repair the skin, and then the skin care therapist creates very small wounds on the surface of the skin, and by creating this opening, the skin receives the possibility of absorbing other effective substances for its repair while stimulating collagen production.

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What is collagen therapy?

Collagen is one of the most important components in the skin, and its increase is one of the goals of skincare treatment. Collagen plays a very important role in the strength and elasticity of the skin, but with the passage of time and the aging of the person, the skin also faces a decrease in collagen. In this method, natural collagen is slowly injected into the skin using special needles. Collagen therapy is one of the effective ways to strengthen and rejuvenate the skin, which brings a relatively high cost to people.

What is therapeutic caviar?

Another skin treatment method is caviar treatment, as you know, caviar has many nutrients, including protein and fatty acids. Caviar therapy is a method to nourish the skin and hair, which is also performed in some reputable and advanced skin care centers. This method helps to repair and rejuvenate the skin, as well as prevent hair loss in many people.

What is hot stone?

In this method, igneous stones are used for various treatments such as skin rejuvenation, skin maintenance and care, etc., which stimulate fibroblasts in this method. This stimulation reduces wrinkles and reduces their depth on the skin, which also rejuvenates people’s faces.

The educational topics of Turkish skin care course

Anatomy and physiology of skin and hair
Diagnosis of skin types
Treatment of oily and problematic skin
Treatment of dry and sensitive skin
Skin balancing
oxygen supply
water supply
Reduction of excess fat
Getting to know the types of skin wrinkles
Treatment and prevention of wrinkles
Treatment and prevention of sagging skin
Complete anti-aging training
Getting to know the types of skin blemishes
Treatment of various skin blemishes
How to lighten the skin
Exfoliation and peeling
Hyaluronic acid course
Acne consultation
eye care
Skin nutrition course
All kinds of therapeutic and beauty masks
Lifting massages
hair vitamins
Prescription method

How to become a good skin therapist?

A person who performs skin care procedures and procedures must undergo training courses in an accredited center. Skin care training in Turkey can be the best option for people who are interested in skin care processes and skin cleansing and want to see training that is for They bring the valid certificate of the country of Turkey. You can learn this profession in our center both in person and online.

Why do we go for cleaning?

Cleansing is a multi-step skin treatment that includes exfoliation, face mask, cleansing, etc. There are different types of facials that are selected and used depending on your skin problems and skin type. Some of them are useful for tightening the skin, and others are great for removing dead cells and creating a new layer of skin, and others are used for specific skin diseases or treatment of specific areas.

What are the duties of skincare?

This activity includes various techniques and methods that all people, regardless of their gender, can use skin services and restore vitality and freshness to their skin. Today, the skin care profession is one of the largest and well-known branches in the world and has a high annual turnover. All types of services should be performed by a person who is an expert, otherwise the health of your skin will be at risk. You can participate in skin care training courses in Turkey in person and online to learn this profession professionally under the supervision of experienced instructors.

Required tools for cleaning the skin

The equipment you need in the zero to one hundred skin and ski cleansing period includes steamer, derma roller, spatula, apron and disposable hygiene items such as special masks and towels and other devices which are also called microderm and araf.

Skin care with skincare training in Türkiye:

Skin care undergoes many changes, especially after the age of 30, that’s why more skin care should be done, but what activities should we do to take care of the skin?

skin Cleaning

Wash your face every morning to make it clean and clean, and at night before going to sleep, completely remove any makeup from your face. Observing these things will make your skin regeneration process faster. Decontamination of the face and skin gives the skin a chance to breathe and remain fresh and young. You should always consult a dermatologist and ask him to recommend the right cleanser and booster.

Skin exfoliation

Skin exfoliation rejuvenates and brightens the skin surface. The best time to exfoliate the skin is at night. Exfoliation at night removes dead skin from your face and regenerates skin cells. As you know, there are different types of exfoliators and you should choose the most appropriate type of exfoliator according to your skin texture. If your skin is oily or dry, you should clean your skin twice a week, but if your skin is normal, once a week is enough.

Hydrating the skin

Pay attention to these points, never take a hot shower for more than four minutes, it is much better to take a bath with lukewarm water. Very hot water causes the loss of natural oils from your skin, and usually after the age of 30, due to hormonal changes, the amount of skin oil secretion decreases and your skin is more exposed to dryness. It is necessary to protect the skin from dryness. Use moisturizing shampoos and then use a skin moisturizing cream.

To protect the skin from the sun’s rays, always use the right sunscreen cream for the skin. Sunlight has long-term harmful effects and increases the amount of wrinkles and premature aging in the skin. You should not use sunscreen only in the sun or in summer, but in all weather conditions, including sunny, cloudy, rainy and even snowy. It is mandatory to use body lotion and various creams after washing the skin and taking a bath.

Do not forget to drink water. Water slows down the aging process and prevents wrinkles in the skin. You should drink eight to ten glasses of water daily. Regular drinking of water to hydrate the internal organs of the body is one of the most basic tips to maintain the skin. You can use a little lemon juice or syrup in the water for better results. High-fiber foods help your digestive system lose less water, and as a result, your body retains water.

Removal of dead cells

The surface of the skin consists of dead cells and stratum corneum. The duty of these cells is to protect the body’s skin and is considered as the first line of defense against pathogenic factors. Normally, the human body removes all the dead cells and replaces them with new cells every month, but sometimes these dead cells are not collected from the skin and accumulate in one place. Removal of dead cells will help you have fresher skin. If this removal is not done, it will cause inflammation in your skin.

Do not forget to exercise

You should exercise or walk at least thirty minutes a day. This process makes the body healthy and reduces your stress. Stress is the enemy of the body’s defense system and reduces the body’s defense against disease. Physical activity not only helps skin care, but also improves blood cell activities and oxygenation. Exercising increases the heart rate and releases useful hormones, which also reduces stress and, as a result, increases the speed of the skin rejuvenation process.

Do you wash your face every night?

Washing the face at night is one of the most important and main times to clean the face. Air pollution during the day can cause the accumulation of oil and dirt on your skin.

Do not use very hot water to clean your face, continue washing until the makeup is completely removed, to check whether your face is clean or not, you should use a dry cotton to wipe your face, and if on this Cotton was not dirty, finish washing. Your morning cleansing should be light because you have washed your face thoroughly the night before, but it is not recommended to skip it either.

What skills do you acquire in the skincare training course in Türkiye?

In the cleansing classes of the online and face-to-face skincare training at Thirteen Academy, you will learn 0 to 100 facials, hydration to the skin, recognition of skin types, necessary care after cleansing, in a practical and non-practical way. In addition, you will learn the ability to work with various skin cleaning devices and become a person who can restore youth and freshness to the skin.

Going for an internship in Türkiye

As you know, the best way to master a profession is to participate in apprenticeships.

Among other advantages of internship are getting familiar with different types of skin and skin problems and trying to diagnose and correct method for cleaning and performing different methods. This short-term experience will help you become an expert and experienced person and you can start your work with more mastery.