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Eyelash extension training in Turkey or eyelash implantation is a complete process for designing and implementing various types of eyelash extensions and increasing the beauty and thickening of eyelashes, which is taught to you in this course. This training course includes training on eyelash extension design according to the customer’s eye shape, training on classic implantation, volume extension, megavolume, Russian eyelash, etc., and training on care after eyelash extension.

In this course, the student learns how to choose the right model of eyelash extension according to the shape of the face and eyes of the customer. The purpose of this training course is to train skilled and expert people who have the ability to perform all eyelash extension and implantation models according to the customer’s taste.

What does eyelash extension mean?

Eyelash extensions are made with strands of hair and artificial compounds and placed next to the eyelashes. In this method, eyelashes are added one by one next to other eyelashes, and you no longer need to use artificial eyelashes or eye makeup.

Eyelash extension training course in Türkiye

The eyelash extension training course in Turkey is held both in person and online. In this course, everything you need for eyelash implantation and eyelash extension will be taught, including the different methods of implanting Valium, Megavalium, Russian, hybrid, fashion, etc., as well as the use of different types of eyelashes such as velvet, Silk, needlework, etc. are also taught. After completing the course, the student has the ability to perform permanent eyelash implantation and enter the job market.

At the beginning of the eyelash extension training course in Türkiye

Getting to know eyelash extension materials and tools
Classic and thin eyelash extensions
3D eyelash extension
Volume eyelash extension
Mega volume eyelash extension
Natural and Hawaiian extension training
Crowned and jeweled eyelash extensions
Fantasy and color extension training
Eyelash extension repair and removal training
Fantasy and colored eyelash extension training
Teaching all kinds of practical techniques of the day
Steps of eyelash extension

At the beginning of the class, you will get acquainted with various methods of eyelash implantation and extension. Then the instructor will discuss the different tools used in eyelash implantation. In this step, you will learn the pre-work design in several different ways.

In the next step, you will be taught the correct way of doing the work and the amount of pressure of your hand on the eyes and face of the client, and finally, with your assistant coach, you will practice the different eyelash extension models on other models.

Artificial eyelash implantation is done in four ways:

Classic eyelash transplant

In this method, the eyelashes are attached to your natural eyelashes by skilled people with special eyelash adhesives.

Eyelash transplant, strand by strand

You can use this method to improve the thinness of the eyelashes and create a more natural and uniform appearance. The technique of single pincers, doline, Russian, Turkish, bush, Gulf and other models are all related to the strand by strand technique.

Valium eyelash implantation

Eyelash implantation is multi-dimensional, from two to ten dimensions are called valium and the rest of its dimensions are called megavalium. This method is one of the most popular methods of eyelash implantation in Iran and Turkey, which gives volume to the eyelashes. For this purpose, very thin threads that are in two or three different directions are used on each of the natural eyelash threads.

Hayden eyelash transplant

With this method, you will have longer and more beautiful eyelashes and you will be relieved from the unnatural state of the eyelashes. These eyelashes are attached from under the eyelash, and its exterior does not indicate that you have had an implant and has a natural appearance. Implantation of these eyelashes is done with vegetable glue and without the slightest damage to your eyes and eyelashes.

When you decide to implant eyelashes, what should you pay attention to?

eyelash type

Before implanting and eyelash extension, you should ask yourself this question, what gender do you want your extension to be? Ming extension is usually more expensive, softer and more natural, but sometimes some synthetic fibers are made of such high quality that it looks very natural.

eyelash density

The denser the eyelashes, the more voluminous they look.

eyelash curler

The more the eyelash curler, the more effective it will be.

Things to do before doing eyelash extensions

Do not apply eyelash extensions three days before and the first three days of menstruation. Do not implant eyelashes during pregnancy, if you are breastfeeding or taking any pills, be sure to consult your consultant or an eyelash specialist.

Do not swim two days before eyelash extension and avoid strenuous exercise one day before. A few hours before the extension, do not wash your face so that the eyelashes are completely dry so that the adhesives can do their work completely.

Care after eyelash extension

After eyelash extension, be sure to pay attention to these points, don’t take a bath for two days, you can use special masks when taking a bath and don’t let water pass directly over your eyelashes. When washing the face and forehead, dry the back of the eyes and the nose with a wet tissue and a makeup cleaning pad, avoid rubbing your eyes, to condition your eyelashes after taking a bath, put the hair dryer on a low setting and hold it under your eyelashes at a distance of twenty centimeters. Give them a simple shape by hand. When washing your hair, turn your head back so that shampoo and water do not fall on the eyelashes.

If the eyelashes get wet, gently dry them with ear cleaner and make sure not to use any eyelash strengthening oils after the extension.

How to remove eyelash extensions?

To separate the eyelashes, never pull it, to separate them, it is better to go to professionals and leave this work to them, because separating the eyelash extension by yourself may cause your natural eyelashes to be pulled out. To separate the eyelash extension, there are special solvents. Of course, there will be no need to separate because the growth of eyelashes will destroy the eyelash extension over time.

beginner course

In the eyelash extension training course in Turkey, the student first gets acquainted with the methods of maintaining hygiene. Since the eyelash is very close to the eye and may cause risks to the customer’s vision, it is very important to learn and apply hygiene measures. In the next step, the student gets to know the types of eyelashes and then learns how to choose the appropriate length of eyelashes as well as the number of strands used in eyelash implantation and extension.

Then the materials used in doing extensions such as glue and types of eyelashes are introduced and the student learns the use of each of them and finally learns how to do eyelash extensions in a practical way. All the important points about how to maintain the extended eyelashes are among the other topics that the student is taught.

Advanced course

In the advanced eyelash extension training course in Turkey, the student learns the following topics. Health, causes of eye diseases and how to prevent them, materials and tools used in doing eyelash extensions and an overview of the beginner’s course, familiarization with different implantation and extension methods, photography training and dos and don’ts after eyelash extension for better longevity. You will be trained.

Eyelash lift training

There is no doubt that having long and thick eyelashes has a direct effect on the beauty of people. Many women are deprived of having long and thick eyelashes, and for this reason, they perform services such as planting, lifting, lamination and eyelash extension. In fact, it can be said that the mentioned fields are among the most popular fields of hairdressing training, which also have many applicants. Therefore, you can get the necessary skills by participating in the eyelash lifting training course of Thirteen Academy and in this way you can reach your desired income.

Eyelash lift and laminate in Türkiye

You can also participate in our eyelash lift and laminate training course to improve your work as an eyelash extension professional. In the lift and laminate training course, you will be taught a complete process of eyelash lifting and eyelash strengthening for more beautiful eyelashes. This course includes training Comprehensive about eyelash lift, including: training on knowing the lifting materials and using the tools to perform eyelash lifting, training on how to correctly put the lifting materials on the eyelashes, training on how to remove the materials and wash the eyelashes after the lift, and training on how to care for the eyelashes after the lift. Eyelashes are trained.

In this course, the student learns step-by-step how to lift and laminate eyelashes. The purpose of this training course is to train skilled and expert people who have the ability to perform eyelash lift and lamination for all types of eyelashes with different sizes and shapes.

Headlines of eyelash lift and laminate
Introduction and recognition of work equipment and tools
Introduction and recognition of the materials used
Teaching various methods in eyelash lifting
Teaching all kinds of methods in eyelash lamination
Teaching the correct way to apply materials on eyelashes
Teaching how to properly condition eyelashes
Teaching how to properly wash eyelashes and care after it
Steps of eyelash lift and laminate training

At the beginning of the course, you will get acquainted with various eyelash lifting and laminating methods, then the instructor will introduce the eyelash lifting and laminating tools. In the next step, you will learn how to lift and laminate eyelashes, then you will learn how to properly shape eyelashes, and finally, with the help of your assistant, you will practice the practical practice of lifting and laminating eyelashes on the model.

Eyelash lift and laminate training course in Türkiye

The eyelash lift and lamination training course in Turkey gives the student the ability to directly enter the job market after completing the course and learning the taught subjects. In the first stage, hygiene principles and points that the student should consider during eyelash lift and lamination are taught. In the second stage, the basics of getting to know the anatomy of the face, how to draw eyelashes and choosing the right color for it are taught.

Then, the tools and materials used in the eyelash lift and lamination process are introduced and the application of each of them is fully explained and taught. In the last part of the training, the student is taught how to put the material on the eyelashes along with the duration of putting the material and also how to wash it. To perform an eyelash lift, we must first wash the eyelashes completely and remove their fats, otherwise, the materials will not be absorbed by the eyelashes and the eyelash lift will not be done completely.

The best eyelash implant and lamination school in Türkiye

For several years, the title of the best eyelash extension and implant training center in Turkey belongs to the 13th Academy training center, this complex has been recognized as the best eyelash extension and implant training center at the international level by using the latest global method, as well as one of the pioneers in the field. Implantation and eyelash extension in the world. By holding the highest level of training in the field of eyelash extension, this complex has been recognized as an international reference in the world and acts as the best training center for eyelash extension and implantation in this field.

Online training on eyelash implantation and extension

Online eyelash lift and laminate training courses are officially held for the first time in our country with a standard and very high quality level, online eyelash implant and laminate training is held offline and in virtual courses in Iran and other countries.

Supplies and equipment for the eyelash lift and lamination course

The tools and equipment of the eyelash lift and lamination training course in Turkey include various types of tweezers, separating rods and special brushes, special consumables for keratin, Botox, etc.

After finishing the eyelash extension course, what skills do you get?

After completing the eyelash extension course in Turkey, you can perform all kinds of eyelash extension methods on all eye shapes with complete mastery in a professional manner. Finally, after participating in the eyelash extension course, you can easily start earning money and improve your current business.

How is the eyelash extension job market?

Due to the daily changes in the fashion world and customer requests, people’s attention to eyelash extensions has increased day by day, because with this method, there is no need for daily eye make-up and the eyes can be given a beautiful shape and form. This profession is considered one of the most profitable fields in the hairdressing industry, but people must participate in valid training courses to earn money.