History of Lipstick

Lipstick with the previous name Matik is one of the cosmetic products that plays an important role in the beauty of makeup. Lipstick has a long history in Iran and the world. Read this section to learn about the history of lipstick. In the following, you will read lipstick in the history of Iran, lipstick and types of lipstick in the history of the world.

Lipstick or matte is a cosmetic product containing pigment, coffee, oil, wax and skin softeners, which is used to apply color and texture on the lips. Different types of lipstick are made. The face is one of the worst lipstick ingredients. This substance mainly affects the nervous system of the body and is also harmful to the hormonal system. Based on research, it has been found that lipstick affects the lips and the skin around them. Other side effects include dry and cracked skin pores and lips. Some bad ingredients in lipstick are carcinogenic. Also, lipstick contains few toxic heavy metals. Researchers found that women who use lipstick a lot get more than the daily limit of elements such as aluminum, cadmium, chromium and magnesium. Therefore, these elements accumulate in the body over time and cause poisoning.

Like many other cosmetics used today, lipstick is a laboratory chemical. Each component of the composite is used for a specific purpose and has a complex composition. Its main ingredient is a mixture of castor oil and types of wax. In addition to butter, cocoa, lanolin (or wool fat used in face creams and cosmetics), mineral oil, prolactum (an odorless, tasteless oil derived from crude oil) and chemicals. It is used in different ways. Color plays a very important role in creating a true color.

Oil and wax are melted together and the colors are mixed with a grinder, then the whole mass is melted again and poured into the mold until it hardens.

The formulation of lipsticks is such that they soften under pressure and can be used on the lips.

The use of women’s cosmetics dates back to ancient times, probably originating in the West, but during the period of the region, they reached their highest development in Egypt. About 6000 years ago, Egypt used various cosmetics.

Cleopatra, the ancient queen of Egypt, took the use of cosmetics to its peak. At that time, the most attention was paid to the eyes. The ladies of the court painted the lower part of the eyes green and blackened the eyelids, eyelashes and eyebrows. Henna is also used to paint nails, feet and palms.

There are references in the Bible about the use of cosmetics for women. For example, when Yahweh the King of Israel came to Israel in the 9th century BC, Jezebel, a Phoenician woman, put makeup on her face.

Cosmetics and perfumes were very popular during Nero’s reign in Rome, and some of their cosmetics were as follows:

Chalk for skin whitening, color for eyelids, blush for eyelids, cheeks and lips, which are probably the lipsticks of our time, use oatmeal and butter as preservatives for lips to prevent stains and tartar. They also had a kind of soap to wash their hair to whiten their teeth.

Types of lipstick

 Coral lip balm: In addition to making the face look natural. Using this lip balm also adds color and spirit to the face. Coral beige lipstick: suitable color for parties and evening gatherings. Primrose pink lipstick: a color that is also suitable for girls. Garnet red lipstick: a color that makes the face very strong and fresh. Hot pink lipstick: a color that makes the lips stand out. Magenta lipstick: fresh color with soft texture. Peach lip balm: It is one of the most popular colors used by women. Raspberry lipstick: a color that makes the cheeks pale red and rosy. Matte flesh lipstick: beautiful color and suitable for the whole day. Pale pink lipstick: It is one of the best shades of pink and women who use this color become as beautiful as a lily. Libstick Coral Red: a color obtained from the combination of red and coral colors and is one of the favorite colors of women. Plum red lipstick: This color, which is very close to plum red, gives life to matte faces. Persimmon brown lipstick: This color is made by combining brown and persimmon colors and it is a wonderful lipstick. Chechen lipstick: This color is one of the most beautiful colors and is suitable for light or pale colors. Red-brown lipstick: This color is made from a combination of red and brown and is suitable for middle-aged women.