Care and Maintenance of Long Hair

Caring for long hair is usually a challenge that many people with long hair face because long hair care has its own methods. Since hair grows about half an inch every month, if you can grow your hair long, you need to be patient and you also need to be patient in caring for your long hair. Hair that has been exposed to various detergents is often prone to dryness, damage, discoloration and can be vulnerable. To have long hair, we must follow certain principles. Important tips on hair care, scalp care, hair color recognition, homemade hair masks and more. In this article on the Academy 13 website, we would like to provide important information about hair growth and long hair care and hair care products. They give you hair mask, hair serum, hair spray and more, stay with us.

How to strengthen long hair?

Long hair requires healthy, vitamin-rich hair, so if you want to grow your hair, first strengthen your hair and scalp. For this, it is enough to use high-quality standard hair care products and detergents. Hair serums, hair conditioners, hair masks and shampoos should be selected from reputable and high-quality brands to ensure long-term and trouble-free use. Since long hair is often exposed to more detergents, the first step to strengthening hair is moisturizing. In fact, you should keep your hair soft and smooth by using soft and gentle hair products. For this purpose, you can use homemade masks, hair serum and quality hair creams.

Homemade masks and hair care products

Regardless of the type of detergent you use, try using different hair strengthening masks ten minutes before washing. Coconut hair mask is a protective formula for hair care Use coconut oil to moisturize your hair. Apply coconut oil directly to your scalp and leave it on for ten minutes. This deeply softens the hair and eliminates frizz and brittleness. Honey milk mask that strengthens and cares for hair To prepare a milk and honey mask, you should mix two spoons of honey with a glass of buttermilk and pour it on your hair. Do not forget to use this mask before washing your hair. Milk and honey scalp mask has anti-inflammatory properties and also prevents hair loss.

Hair serum to strengthen and maintain long hair

If you want to keep your hair longer than usual, you must first strengthen your hair thoroughly and use vitamin and hair protection products such as hair serum and hair mask (herbal).

Hair cream to keep long hair moist

One of the obstacles to keeping hair long is excessive dryness and, as a result, excessive hair loss. To grow long hair, first try to keep the hair hydrated. You can use hair cream to supply enough water to your hair. Uses hair spray for hair care and hair combing Since long hair is usually tangled and broken or damaged during combing, hairspray should be used for combing long hair and hair care.

What are the types of hair?

To take care of your hair, you must first know your hair type. Hair type is mainly determined by the number of hair curls. The number of hair curls is determined by hair follicles. The shape of the hair follicle, based on the type of hair, determines the type of hair:

Bare or straight hair Wavy rambot Curly Hair in RIZADO

The more oval or asymmetrical the hair follicle, the curlier the hair will be.

Head care

As you know, scalp care is also one of the important parts of hair care routine, especially men’s hair. If you want to keep your hair long, you must first create a healthy scalp free of dandruff and flaking. The scalp acts as a medium for the growth of long hair, which must provide vitamins and nutrients to the hair follicles. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the scalp and eliminate dandruff by using homemade masks, regular consumption of food supplements, proper diet along with vitamin shampoos and anti-dandruff shampoos.

Men’s hair care (long hair)

Men may also want to grow their hair from time to time and do not forget to strengthen the hair and hair at that time. Long hair care for men also needs hair serum, hair cream, hair mask, comb and other hair care sprays.