Tips About Knitted Clothes

Types of embroidered dresses and important points you should know about them

When we talk about winter, we think about beautiful and beautiful winter clothes and we want this season to come as soon as possible so that we can wear our beautiful clothes. how do you know? Where do you know it from; One of the most popular winter clothes are textures, and you can use them to create different and brighter styles than ever. But if you don’t know much about knitted clothes, stay with us until the end of this article from Academy 13 so that we can check and know everything about these clothes.

What is knitwear?

Textures are thick and warm winter fabrics that are used to prepare clothes such as; Jackets, sweaters, hats and socks are used. And since it protects the body from the cold, it is particularly popular in winter clothes. Fabrics are usually made by looms and sold in different shapes and colors. Knitted dress is one of the most used and popular winter clothes that not only gives you warmth and creates a stylish and attractive style for you, but also makes you comfortable. These clothes are generally suitable for any class and any age and they don’t know young or old.

History of knitwear

According to historical documents, knitted clothes spread from the Middle East to the West and beyond. At first, these clothes were only for men, and in 1527, the first weaving guild was formed in which women had no rights. Over time, women were able to enter this field and gradually started designing and sewing knitted clothes for women. Women’s activities in this field began during World War I and II. Once they started knitting gloves and socks to protect the soldiers from the cold. And the first loom in England was invented by a priest named William Lee.

Types of patterns and assembly methods of knitted clothes

In autumn and winter, you can use knitted clothes to protect yourself from the cold. The most important advantage of these clothes is that you can wear all kinds of non-woven and light clothes, for example, he wears all kinds of t-shirts, undershirts, blouses and mantles. There are various types of knitted clothes in the market with which you can create formal and informal styles, in the following we want to check the types of knitted clothes and how to arrange them.


A turtleneck sweater is one of the most popular classic cuts that each of us should have in our wardrobe. The appearance of these clothes goes back to the 1920s. At that time, these clothes were patterned and bright colors. Today, these jackets are sold in different colors and designs. One of the most important features of these clothes is that you feel comfortable in them and it does not hinder you. There are certain rules to set these knits that must be followed so that your style looks beautiful and attractive. You can combine these jackets with a suit and jeans. Of course, you should make sure that the size of the coat and jacket match. You can wear this jacket; Wear a men’s blouse and create an attractive tomboy style for yourself.

cashmere jacket

Cashmere fabrics are made from goat wool, which makes them very soft. These jackets are used a lot. And we also recommend that you have at least one of these items in your wardrobe. You can pair these knitted dresses with jeans, boots and jackets. You can also wear an oversized sweater over a blazer or simply combine it with a skirt and pants. Using plaid pants and black shoes with this jacket can make your style look more attractive.

Women’s jacket

According to gender, jackets are usually divided into four categories. A type of sweater made of synthetic fibers. And the other three are natural fibers. which is divided into cotton or cotton sweaters. Cashmere sweaters and woolen sweaters Woolen sweaters are often used for women’s clothing. If you are looking for beauty and comfort on your way. You can use a large size sweater. These sweaters add to your charm in addition to warmth. You can combine such knitted clothes with suitable trousers and high boots.

Knitted dress with round neck

One of the most widely used and simple clothes is the knitted round collar. Because they can be easily combined with different things. You can pair these textures with any type of jeans, bag, mom fit and mom model. Also, using short puffs around these clothes can create an interesting style for you. You can also use different boots and shoes to complete your style. One of the most important advantages of these tissues is that; You don’t have to worry about maintaining them.