How to Choose The Best Lipstick

Lipstick is one of the most used cosmetic products. From glossy lipsticks to lip liners, 24-hour and thermal lipsticks, and more, it makes it hard to pick the best lipstick out of them all. In this article from the Academy 13 brand website, we explain how to choose the best lipstick brand for your skin.

To choose the best lipstick color, determine the skin color, how to choose the best lipstick brand

Follow the steps below to choose the best lipstick for you:

To determine your skin tone, look at your skin under natural light. The first step to choosing the best lipstick is knowing your skin tone Pay attention to the skin around the chin. Ideally, your skin should fall within one of the following color ranges.

Very light skin

Very white, pale and transparent skin burns easily. It can also cause freckles, redness, and inflammation.

light skin

Clear and glowing skin that burns and dances under the sun. Cut the width in half It is easy to peel and usually does not burn or feel delicate.

Bronze or green

The skin is tan or olive, rarely burns and looks dark even in winter.

black skin

Very dark skin that never burns in the sun.

Now that you’ve learned the skin tone categories, you need to determine your skin tone. For this, look at the color of the veins inside the wrist. This is a quick way to find out if you have a warm, neutral or cool skin tone. Blue or purple veins indicate that you have a cool skin tone. Green veins mean you have warm skin. If you have trouble deciding whether your veins are blue or green, you probably have a neutral skin tone and can choose between cool and warm undertones. People with olive skin are usually neutral in color. Now that you have determined your skin tone, you have passed the first step of choosing the best lipstick. The second step is to determine how your skin reacts to sunlight to choose the best lipstick Pay attention to how your skin reacts to sunlight. Do you tan or burn easily? Skin that tans easily has more melanin and shows a warm skin tone. Most women of African, Caribbean and Indian descent fall into this category. If you burn before you tan (and you probably can’t tan at all), your skin has less melanin and your skin is blue.

The third step is to determine the warmth or coolness of the skin tone to choose the best lipstick Try gold and silver jewelry on your skin. Which one looks better? Gold jewelry looks best on warm skin tones, while silver jewelry looks best on cool skin tones. Both look good on neutral skin tones. The fourth step is to choose the best lipstick color for everyday life. Look for a shade that is a shade or two darker than your natural lip color. To make sure your lipstick is a shade or two darker than your natural lip color, apply lipstick only to your lower lip and then compare it to your upper lip. If your upper and lower lip color is different, this is the best lipstick color for you. Of course, pay attention to the color of your teeth when choosing lipstick. According to professional makeup artists, “One thing to remember is that red lips make your teeth look white, but if you don’t have white teeth, it’s best to avoid orange lipstick because it will make your teeth look too yellow.” Gives. The fifth step with the best lip balm Decide if you want your lips to look smaller or bigger. A darker lipstick will make your lips look smaller, while a lighter lipstick will make your lips look fuller. Lip balms make lips thinner while lip balms make lips bigger and brighter. The sixth step is to determine the shade of the face to choose the best lipstick color. Remember that knowing your facial features will help you choose the best lipstick color. Of course, it is better to try different lipsticks and finally choose the lipstick that suits you. The seventh step is to try the suggested lipstick color according to the skin tone Experiment with colors that experts recommend based on your skin tone and color. If you have fair skin, try sausage lipstick, matte red lipstick, hot pink, coral, peach, nude or beige lipstick. If you have a cool undertone, try a light to medium shade. Of course, you can try warm pinks, pinks or nudes with a hint of peach. If you have wheatish skin, try red, purple or crimson lipsticks. If you have a cool skin tone, try pink lipsticks. And if you have warm undertones, use bronze or copper colors. If you have tanned skin, try to avoid brown and purple lipsticks and go for orange lipsticks. Of course, the rest of the colors look great on tanned skin. Coral or dark pink are also good options for tanned skin. If you have dark skin, try brown, purple or burgundy. Warm undertones should look for ruby and burgundy reds, and warm undertones should use copper or bronze lipsticks. Step eight, choose your favorite color

First, find the right lipstick color for your skin tone. Again, use your skin tone as a guide. When you find a color you love, the rules don’t matter anymore. Be sure to buy. Step nine, test the best lipstick Try the lipstick color before buying. Clean the tester with rubbing alcohol and use a test brush or cotton paper to test the lipstick color on your lips. If you don’t want the lipstick tester on your lips, test it on your fingertip. The tips of the fingers are closer to the color of the lips than the wrist or the side of the hand. Before you try another color, remove the previous lipstick. Otherwise, you will mix too many colors. Of course, make sure you are in a well-lit area. Try lipstick on your face with little or no makeup. Find a color that looks good without makeup. A lipstick color that brightens your face and doesn’t need to be used on other parts of your face. Important points in choosing the best lipstick Do not match the color of your lipstick too much with your clothes. For example, if you are wearing red, wearing red lipstick is boring and bland. Lipstick goes well with the color of the face. These colors are the best choice for everyday use.

Red lipstick can brighten up a very simple outfit. Try to wear very bright clothes or clothes with special designs with red lipstick. Pink lipsticks are almost the best choice because they are so versatile. Of course, they are a few shades lighter than your natural lip color. Therefore, they are suitable for daily use. If you wear bright lipstick, you don’t need heavy eye make-up, on the contrary, if you use bright and colorless colors, be sure to correct your eyes and apply mascara.