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Ai and fashion

Today’s topic is about AI and it’s impact on fashion/beauty industry.

So AI have many usages in our lives from everyday watching Netflix to the iphone you’re using 24/7 , from the applications on your phone to fashion and beauty industry, this huge unlimited modernized industry that affects our lives ever single day!
We’re going through the top 5 usages of AI in fashion and beauty industry
1_Trend forecasting and predictions
2_Creating better fit and more accurate sizing
And choosing the best color in beauty industry based on customers exclusivity
3_Authenticating items to prevent knockoffs and overstocking
4_Streamlining manufacturing ,Production and the final output
5_Reducing returns and Environmental pollution
So these are huge tasks to be done by fallible humans but how artificial intelligence can do it without any mistake? How can AI change the future? The future of Fashion.
You see, AI have been helping almost all parties in the fashion and beauty industry so far whether you like it ,even know it or not , they’ve been playing a huge part in these two industry especially since 2022 .
2022 was the actual year that we had Metaverse fashion week. 2023 was the second fashion week on Metaverse.
Designers use AI to create fabrics and textile and the final look, consulting firms use it to predict and forecast trends or” VIRALS” for their manufacturing clients as I’ve written about this subject in the previous article called “robots and fashion” that you can read about later.
Then actually magic happens !
“Salagadoola mechicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo
It’ll do magic believe it or not
The magic the precious data collection.

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Repairing the fit issue , color samples, reviewing the textures, trend forecasting and even authenticating upscale items (like Cartier watches or even Birkin bags) are all divined by collecting data. So it’s gonna be a huge process that can be done in only a second!
AI can collect, process, and draw insights and all the visions from all sorts of data, and I mean ALL sorts! From social-media images , viral videos or pics to bodily functions such as heart rates and perspiration.
What I’m trying to say is AI CAN make fashion and beauty industry Smarter, quicker and more sustainable and sufficient and spotless!

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For example in online shoppings , we have something called the return policy wich you can return the clothes not fitting your body,and this can cost a retailer up to 38 percent of the item’s original price! And eventually the return one ends up in the landfill !So an AI can solve it like a piece of a cake! By measuring you through your pictures or the data you’ll give the brand or the applications, and recommending you the best size with the color that suits you. Talking about the application I came across some good applications that have AI :
Fit for everybody
These kind of apps ask for your measurements and pictures of your body then it will coordinate the size of different Types of clothes lines like jeans shirts skirts from different brands and after that it will list them for you based on your size and body shape .also these kind of apps have styling tool that helps you choose the best style based on your body , hair and skin tone etc.
And as I mentioned above, AI have an unlimited source of data that it “easily” can help the designer to create a new look and generate more ideas than he/she could without it.
And more important than any subject, the Planet’s pollution , wich apparel manufacturing , produce “as high as 8 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and almost 9 percent of annual microplastics in the oceans,” according to the UNA for Sustainable Fashion.

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Nearly all of returned items end up in a landfill,
As restocking returns is often not financially feasible for retailers, as mentioned above the retailer will have financial loss (nearly 38%) and high-fashion brands don’t want to devalue their names by selling to deep discounters.
I mean their names are more crucial to them , than the planet I guess!
On the other hand this landfills can contaminate water and soil and produce greenhouse gases, and we only have one Earth to live on so far, so it’s better to take care of it .
In the end this AI and this technology that everyone is so afraid of dominating the world, can actually help us in all Fields, living a better, happier and easier life along with a cleaner planet!

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