About courses
Educational courses

Long-term study courses include immigration laws and are subject to the university’s schedule
Course schedule
It will be placed on the academy platform at the same time as the university website

Skill improvement courses

Skill improvement courses are related to the teaching hours of each course
Short-term headlines are from 8 to 18 hours
You will receive a certificate of attendance in the course
All course documents are issued directly by the university
You need to complete a total of 72 hours of training to receive a degree

Online courses

You can complete introductory to advanced level courses online to be ready to attend professional seminars in person.
Online courses are held in the form of sessions, and after the end of the last lesson; The platform will take a placement test from you and your degree will be sent by the university with the same validity as in-person courses to the postal address when you registered.

Conditions of holding

+ All courses are intensive and non-intensive, online and in-person according to the request of dear applicants
They are held privately and in groups

+Each course starts with a specific lineage limit

+All courses are set according to international standards and they may be lower or higher than your academic level therefore, please register with care and advice.


The costs of each course and topic are different depending on the hours of the training course and in three levels of training: introductory, advanced and professional.
which are placed on the platform at the same time as the opening of each course
Short-term courses vary from 8 to 72 hours

To calculate the cost of the field, send us your desired course and level on WhatsApp.

Designing clothes, accessory jewelry, modeling, makeup skin, eyelashes, etc., depending on the volume and level of the lessons, are held in 8 to 4 sessions and will cost between 600 and 200 dollars. This fee is for receiving an official certificate of participation in the course and payment of professors’ fees and does not bring any financial benefits to the academy. To calculate the cost of the field, course and level you want, send us on WhatsApp.

The cost of this level is announced monthly in the form of skill improvement courses with specific topics in each discipline.

Every month the courses are different
The professors of each field are different every month
Every month, the topics of each course are different
The teaching hours are different every month

The cost of skill development courses ranges from $1,200 to $500 for face-to-face students and $600 to $250 for online students. To calculate the cost of the field, send us your desired course and level on WhatsApp.

Validity of certificate

+Introductory level and less short courses
From 72 hours:
The certificate of attendance in the training course issued by the Turkish government university can be requested on the university’s website

+Advanced level with a total of 72 hours of courses in one discipline
Official educational certificate with international QR code can be queried for embassies, universities all over the worldInviting the best of each period to work in a series of salons under the supervision of THIRTEEN Company

+Professional level and international seminars
Official university certificate of attending a course or seminar
European Union teachers gold card
Teacher’s certificate (European) world level one in each branch

Professors of the academy

If you value the future, Ladder Academy is your success because it is your gateway to this attractive industry at the international level. You will learn the abstract and extract of the science and art of your top professors in the shortest possible time. You can look at the academy as a fortune teller and enjoy a memorable and forward journey on your way to success.

Elementary level professors

Especially elementary students are trained. These professors have a brilliant work history and career honors in their field and are approved by the educational system in every way. To start working, teachers pass the university exam. The documents are issued directly from the university and the lecturers will not have a signature on the students’ documents.

Advanced level professors

Especially for students applying for university degrees with skill improvement courses who have first-level Turkish educational qualifications and a brilliant teaching resume in their professional files. For students of this level, the academy will bring together professors from official European universities and local teachers in a course for students and will conduct the course. A simultaneous translation system is provided for each professor’s language in person and online.

International seminars for professional level

The great professors of the world in every field are our guests this summer.

All the efforts of the Academy are to hold the largest and most comprehensive gathering of the fashion and beauty industry this summer with the presence of the world’s top figures in every field and domestic artists in one of the most luxurious cruise ships in Istanbul. More details will be provided to you comprehensively as the summer approaches.


Academy professors are required to pass the teachers’ course and the booklets are approved by the Turkish educational system and with international standards.

Online courses

You can get a university degree in the fastest and least expensive way possible, remotely and online. Of course, you can be our guest in person, but…

All the prestigious universities in the world are trying to keep their educational system in the world of the Internet and offer more facilities to their students every day; why not…?! The time is short and the cost is less and less.

The effort of THIRTEEN Academy is to fill the void of fashion and beauty education in a scientific and formal way in Farsi-speaking countries for the talents of this money-making industry and to promote Iranian art for Turkish and English-speaking communities.

Academic level of the courses

Each field of clothing design, skin jewelry, make-up, nails, eyelashes, rejuvenation, etc. has preliminary courses that are usually held between 8 and 4 sessions. Each field begins to be taught when it reaches the quorum of the request. These courses are online and prepare students to participate in skill improvement courses. According to the schedule of the academy, all courses will be launched separately by the end of this summer and the cost of each course will be announced by the teaching professors.

The imaging system of online classes with 4 Full HD cameras will be sent to each student with full details and a dedicated link.

The classes are under the supervision of the education system of the Turkish government and are evaluated by the Iranian organization in the university.

At the end of the website training course, you will take a placement test and your certificate will be sent to your zip code.

The certificate and proof of attendance in the training courses from the Turkish State University can be requested in the middle of the QR code on the university’s website.

By participating in the skill improvement courses of a field for a total of 27 hours, you will learn and practice the specialized techniques of each field in the skill improvement courses of each field. pay And you repeat.

Invitation to the cooperation of the best of each period to work in the series of halls under the supervision of 13 Company.

If you need guidance and additional information and answers to questions, you can contact our consultants in the consultation request form or WhatsApp.

Are the courses only in-person?

– We hold short-term in-person and online courses for all levels, if you are unable to leave the country due to financial issues and cannot attend the courses in person.
The online cost of all courses is 50% cheaper
in-person courses and the validity of the documents are the same!

Is it registered online or in-person?

Yes, it is registered; But there is no difference in the validity of the documents
After receiving the certificate, you can translate it and submit it to embassies and universities around the world.
Keep in mind that the online education system has opened its place in all the prestigious universities of the world in the post-Corona world

Does Iran accept these documents?

This path is for friends who are on the path of internationalization
are more suitable (in case of inquiry from the official website of the university) inquiry is possible for any person
The only difference between us is not in the formality of our degrees.

Can we find a job in Turkey with this degree?

Working in Turkey is required to have a work permit of this country, and your degree will be part of your requirement to obtain a work permit.
In terms of validity, your degrees are academic and valid everywhere in the world

 Are these academic degrees?

By participating in various skill improvement courses in just one discipline
In a total of 72 hours, you will receive an official degree in the same field with an international QR code that can be queried by embassies and universities around the world.

After completing the course, are there conditions for working with your company?

For the best of each course, chosen by the company and if requested and having the conditions of immigration and living in this country, yes, because the aim of our academy is to help the development of the beloved artists on the way to their honors.

Can I pay the fees in installments?

Unfortunately, for the cost of the university and the degree, the total amount of the course must be paid to the system, but for your trip to Turkey, we are arranging contracts with the relevant companies, which will be announced through the page and website of the academy.

I would really like to know where to start?

If you want to participate in our academy, choose your major, state your academic level in order to get registration advice in the best way.
If you mean the path of your honor, start your own research and development from the self-made option on the website

How can I trust you?

Our website has an electronic trust symbol, but again
You can be sure about this from the feedback of the participants in the past courses on virtual networks or our inquiry through email or phone call to the university.

To request a consultation, complete the form below