Fake lashes history and anything you need to know about

As you saw in the cosmetics history article, it goes way back to the ancient Egyptians, as well as that The history of enhanced eyelashes aka fake lashes dates back to 2500 B.C., when the Egyptians first used ointments and brushes to achieve a fluttery fanned-out lash look. Tinting treatments were also quite popular for both men and women , on that era men and women both wore make up , perfumes and fake lashes or beauty products because it was the way to show your social class or wealth .

It’s likely that eyelash enhancements and other beauty treatments like makeup and skincare in ancient Egypt were multipurpose . Not only were they in style just as they are today! , but it’s likely that they were practical, too for different rituals, or ceremonies it was necessary to look your best. There’s evidence that eye makeup may have possessed antibacterial properties, Yes you read that right!

2,500 years later, Roman women was ver much aspired to have ultra-long lashes after famed philosopher Pliny the Elder asserted that lengthy eyelashes were a sign of maintaining a moral , royal and chaste lifestyle. But we really get to the point to know that who invented the modernized fake lashes? It was In the 1800s, people experimented with gluing eyelashes made of human hair ( ewwh!) and lashes to their eyelids I know it sounds horrifying.
In 1899, some women went so far as to have lashes implanted with a needle into their eyelids. They were needling it!!
Then It wasn’t until 1902 that Karl Nessler, a German-born barber, an English hairdresser and inventor famous for conceiving the first salon “permanent wave” machine, created a patented process for making and weaving artificial eyelashes . Yes! Finally! Then Just a few years later in 1911, Anna Taylor, a Canadian inventor, created the first patented fake lashes by developing a crescent of fabric material with tiny hairs attached to it. Boom! The modern fake lashes. Then it spread like bees in the world, everyone wanted it because of celebrities and Hollywood, the television the models and in general the Media. Fake lashes have many styles and based on the season they change and I personally think that It’s the best invention in history that even nowadays everyone thinks it’s stylish and trending all the time.