importance of Fashion Week

All you need to know about “ Fashion week “
So what exactly is a fashion week?

It’s a series of events and runway shows and fashion artistic shows that mostly took about a week and the audience can behold the new collection of the designers.
But not everyone is invited! These shows are mostly reserved by the buyers and press. But there’s some ways to get in you can Either register with the NYFW ( if your goal is the New York fashion week) producers directly or the agencies that are working with that fashion week for example IMG ( my favorite modeling agency) is the one who’s in charge of NYFW you can reserve your seat through their website. All the other fashion weeks are the same one agency or two are in charge of the main events.

Fashion weeks often took about a week or even a weekend but Paris fashion week is one the four mains the one that takes a little longer and it’s even bigger the other three are Milan fashion week, New York fashion week and London fashion week.
Of course we have more than just these three the other most populars are Tokyo fashion week, Mosco fashion week, Arab fashion week and so on. So here’s another question why are’fashion week so crucial in fashion calendar?
They are an essential part of the fashion calendar because they are the main part in offering the direction to buyers, designers, retailers, and publications.

The main events that all the brands will put on include shows, presentations, dinners, and parties and of course the after parties, where all the celebrities, influencers, models, designers, entrepreneurs, photographers , Instagram models and all the elites you know gather together.

So here’s a 2023’s list of all the fashion weeks that have been holding this year:

From 10 to 13 – Pitti Immagine Uomo (Italy)

From 14 to 15 – London Bridal Expo (United Kingdom)

From 14 to 17 – Milano Fashion Week Men’s (Italy)

From 17 to 18 – Premiere Vision New York (United States)

From 17 to 22 – Paris Fashion Week Menswear (France)

From 21 to 23 – Who’s Next Paris (France)

From 23 to 26 – Paris Haute Couture Week (France)

From 31 to 2 – Rome Fashion Week (Italy)

From 31 to 3 – Copenhagen Fashion Week (Denmark)

From 3 to 5 – Momad, International Fashion, Footwear and Accessories Exhibition (Spain)

From 7 to 9 – Première Vision Paris (France)

From 10 to 15 – New York Fashion Week (United States)

From 12 to 14 – Pure London and Pure Origin fairs (United Kingdom)

From 15 to 19 – Mercedes – Benz Fashion Week Madrid (Spain)

From 17 to 21 – London Fashion Week (United Kingdom)

From 21 to 23 – Lineapelle Milano (Italian)

From 21 to 28 – Milano Fashion Week Women’s (Italy)

From March 27 to 7 – Paris Fashion Week Womenswear (France)

From 5 to 7 – Shoes Düsseldorf (Germany)

From 8 to 9 – Futurmoda (Spain)

From 19 to 21 – Bridal Week London (United Kingdom)

From 24 to 26 – Los Angeles Fashion Week (United States)

From 28 to 31 – Metaverse Fashion Week at Decentraland (Digital)

From 29 to 30 – Premiere Vision Made in France (France)

From 19 to 23 – Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week (Spain)

From 26 to 27 – Premiere Vision Shenzhen (China)

From 10 to 12 – Rome Fashion Week Menswear Fair (Italy)

From 20 to 25 – Paris Fashion Week Menswear (France)

From 3 to 6 – Paris Haute Couture Week (France)

From 14 to 16 – Miami Swim Week (United States)

From 7 to 10 – New York Fashion Week (United States)

From 15 to 19 – London Fashion Week (United Kingdom)

From 20 to 26 – Milano Fashion Week Women’s (Italy)

From October 25 to 3 – Paris Fashion Week Womenswear (France)

And another long list of all the continents and countries that are holding “fashion weeks “ events each year:
Hub of Africa Addis Fashion Week
Dakar Fashion Week
Lagos Fashion & Design Week
South Africa
South Africa Fashion Week
Swahili Fashion Week

MQ Vienna Fashion Week
Belarus Fashion Week
Copenhagen Fashion Week
Paris Fashion Week – Men Fall/Winter
Paris Fashion Week – Haute Couture
Paris Fashion Week – Women Fall/Winter
Paris Fashion Week – Men Spring/Summer
Paris Fashion Week – Women Spring/Summer
Tbilisi Fashion Week
Berlin Fashion Week
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin
Athens Xclusive Designers Week
Milan Fashion Week- Fall/Winter men
Milan Fashion Week- Spring/Summer men
Milan Fashion Week- Spring/Summer women
Milan Fashion Week- Fall/Winter women
Afro Fashion Week Milano
Amsterdam Fashion Week
Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week
Moda Lisboa
Barcelona Bridal Week
080 Barcelona Fashion
Fashion Week Stockholm
Odessa Fashion Week
Ukrainian Fashion Week
United Kingdom
Graduate Fashion Week
Liverpool Fashion Week
London Fashion Week
Cheshire Fashion Week
London Fashion Week – Fall/Winter
London Fashion Week – June
London Fashion Week – Spring/Summer
North America
Montreal Fashion Week
Vancouver Fashion Week
Austin Fashion Week
Columbus Fashion Week
Couture Fashion Week
Fashion Week Brooklyn
Fashion Week El Paseo
Indianapolis Midwest Fashion Week
Chicago Midwest Fashion Week
Miami International Fashion Week
Miami Fashion Week
Miami Swim Show
National Bridal Week Chicago
Los Angeles Fashion Week
OC Fashion Week
New York Fashion Week – Bridal
New York Fashion Week – Fall/Winter
New York Fashion Week -Spring/Summer
New York Fashion Week – Men’s
New York Fashion Week – Resort
New York Fashion Week – Couture
South and East Asia
Shanghai Fashion Week
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Fashion Week
Indonesia Fashion Week
Jakarta Fashion Week
South Korea
Seoul Fashion Week
So that is it the good little article about fashion weeks all over the world, what do you want to know more on this topic let us know in the comments.