Micro French Manicure

The Micro French Manicure Is The new style Minimalist Nail Trend.

The micro french manicure is an elegant ultra-thin French line across the tip of the nail, that goes way back to the exact same time and history as the classic french manicure, the French Manicure comes from the fact that the neutral nail, white tip combo was marketed by Maxfactor in the 1930s for the French fashion pack.

Jeff Pink, the founder of nail polish brand, Orly, coined the term ‘French manicure’, the exact same time the micro style flourished as well.

This Year on spring/summer we’ve seen so many celebrities to wear this trend on their nails at Newyork fashion week , with many colors combined together, colorful styles are the latest trend specially the trend colors such as yellow, red, green, black, purple, pink , metallic on different base colors. The only difference? The line of polish in micro french manicure is made much thinner than the typical one.

So what do you think? Would you like to try it? Give us your ideas and your favorite colors on this trend.

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