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The history of rings

Today I wanna take you on a journey, to the sabulous valley of the kings , the Pharaohs and Queens era , to the ancient times wich everything had a sense of pure , simple,natural and ancient Art ,Technology and even art of witchcraft , to the Ancient Egypt, where the history of the rings belongs to.
The Egyptians _4000 BC_ primarily used signet, or sealed rings, in which a seal engraved on the bezel can be used to authenticate documents by the owner, most rings contained a sigil or a talisman for protection, eternity,prosperity and wealth or just for adding beauty to it’s holder , the material used in the rings were based on the social classes for example gold was restricted to a certain class , the Rich.

Before we go along the history I want to talk about a certain time in Egypt when people added stone to their jewelry, and why!
A mysterious glass known as Libyan Desert Glass confirmed by the ancient aliens theorists and scientist to be created by a nuclear blast, almost 29 million years ago, has been found in Egypt’s Western desert. It’s like a beautiful colorful glass , the heat from that blast made the sands into these beautiful stones, ancient Egyptians believed the blast belongs to the sky Gods , to be specific the war between the Gods and the usage of high technology weapons ! Yeah I know it’s incredible and unbelievable but its true , you can find this information all around the world in every cultures from so many mythological, historical , biblical, even the ancient Egyptians and other ancient pyramid’s tablets themselves have this accurate information, but what is it has to do with the ring?
Well the people at that time believed that having these stones in their jewelry helps them connect to their Gods and these kind of jewelry were so precious and important it was a way to connect, talk and go through astral or other realms. It’s magical if you know a little about ancient witchcraft and sigils they were trying hard to link to the sky Gods by using these stones like carnelian, turquoise, hematite, and amethyst etc and the sigil or talisman carvings on them .

Of course some rings were just an identification for the holder and all the data were carved on the ring but some had special stones as ancient people believed in astrology and the knowledge of chakras and acupressure
And acupuncture they were always trying to use these knowledge in their everyday life even in their jewelry , some stones or materials in the rings were specialized to a specific reason, to be healthier, wealthier or healing the body , they knew the crystals and stones and the way to work with them properly, we humans knew all these data and facts but through the history they’ve been token from us due to immoral reasons by the religion leaders ,that this topic is now out of our discussion. But if you wanna learn and know more about ancient history just give us a heads up in the comments.
Back to the rings far enough we understood that the history of rings go way back to the ancient Egypt , we also have some information about the land of the great Persia with it’s huge and rich culture and technology,
When I say technology I mean it because our Ancients Ancestors were highly advanced but somehow they were gone! Poof!

We have some beautiful Rings and jewelries found in Iran , Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan the ancient persia contained of these main regions along side of others.
Rings were mostly like an identification back in time
In ancient Greek rings were mostly used for decoration, and in the Hellenistic period the bezel began to be used to hold individual cabochon stones, such as carnelians and garnets, or vitreous pastes.
In Rome rings were an important symbol of social status, In the early centuries of the Roman Republic, the material was iron, and the wearing of gold rings was restricted to certain classes , such as patricians who had held high office. But by the 3rd century BC the privilege of wearing rings had been extended to the class of knightsand Templars, or equites, and by the 3rd century AD, during the Roman Empire, practically any person except a slave was allowed to wear a gold ring.

In the European middle aged era rings had a great importance in religious, legal, and commercial transactions.
The Roman Catholic church conferred episcopal rings upon newly appointed bishops, and so-called papal rings were given by popes to cardinals. An enormous papal ring called the Fisherman’s Ring—made of gilded bronze and bearing the image of St. Peter fishing—is traditionally used by the pope as a seal for pontifical documents and this part reminded me of the Fish Gods _ this is also the annunaki Gods_ and their presence in Catholic church symbols and symbolic rituals since the beginning until now.
At this part of our history the knights and Templars are famous and before I add more information you all may have known the king Salomon’s famous rings, one with his father’s symbol the star of David and the one that he could control the othe world entities like Djinn or Jinn ,so the ring contained super powers .
Occult rings, which functioned as talismans or amulets_ as I mentioned above about the ancient Egyptians _ were supposed to have magical powers .stones, metals, teeth and claws of animals, bones, plants, and so on were used in it.
Poison rings, whose hollow bezels contained a poison for purposes of suicide or homicide. We all have seen movies that an agent uses his/her ring to contaminate a drink and poison a person!
Even In Arab countries in the 20th century, single blue talismanic beads and amulet alongside the rings are attached to domestic animals, children, brides, and even automobiles to avert bad luck and bad fortune.

In the Sumerian era _ the enki and enlil , annunaki gods_ and Indus valley civilizations, variously shaped gold beads were in use by the early 3rd millennium BC. There were tubular, spherical, and melon-shaped beads, but most distinctive was a tubular bead with two semicircular wings attached to each side, as though in imitation of a plant seed , maybe they meant the seed that made us ,By 2000 BC a spherical bead resembling a nasturtium seed, with light flutings along the line of the piercing, was in use; it remained popular with the Babylonians and lasted into Assyrian times.
And we cannot forget the Mayans, the people with the high knowledge of mathematics, astrology and astronomy. Among these tribes in America, a great quantity of stone and shell beads commonly was worn, the latter being either complete shells or shaped out of shell. On the whole, except in the classical Inca civilizations of Peru, beads of fine stone were rare. Some, of a curious shape that suggests a double ax, are Peruvian, but there are elaborate Aztec and Inca beads of jadeite and other coloured stones in shapes such as frogs and human skulls. A number of sites in Peru, Guiana, and Honduras have yielded elaborate tubular gold-filigree beads. They all had the knowledge to connect to their Gods by their jewelry or open a interstellar gate!

Rings were mostly a connection to the higher entity. Some were used for decoration, some used for healing, healthcare, wealth and prosperity, Then it used extensively for trade and barter , especially at the European Middle Ages.during the 17th and 18th centuries, this trade in beads and rings was enormous.The use of beads ,rings , amulets and altogether the jewelry as personal decoration has continued on and off throughout history, the richness of ornamentation varying with fashions.
Even nowadays we have talisman, or stone rings for therapy, healing or even a beautiful decoration, or some rings that are more precious because of a big diamond on it and the price is as high as the size of the diamond.
In 1477, Archduke Maximillian of Austria invented the very first diamond engagement ring on record for his beautiful fiancee, Mary of Burgundy.
Well diamonds are the girls best friends , ain’t they?
I think we covered a lot on the history of rings today of course it’s a Never ending topic to talk about so I’ve decided to break it into different sessions , I hope you enjoy this article and the next time you’re wearing your ring on just inhale deeply and feel the Pharaohs and ancient people’s spirit by your side! Well that was a little spooky, you can just be grateful for this beautiful ancient art on your finger.

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