Modeling and catwalk

For the first time, it is possible to study modeling in international universities with Persian language

• Venue: Istanbul Golshim University
• Scientific level: basic to advanced course
• Certificate: Modeling and catwalk skill certificate
• Course duration: 12 hours in 2-hour sessions

Topics covered

How to prepare and physical condition
How to get on the catwalk
Start walking confidently and healthy
The strength and speed of walking on the runway
Position of legs and arms
Straight walking tips
How the face and body look during the journey
Placement in chronography and pauses
How to pose and turn
How to display clothes
Learn the difference between catwalk styles
Coordination with the music and rhythm of the director

Course outcomes

In person

For the first time, it is possible to study modeling in international universities with Persian language
Official university degree with international course QR code
The best of each period will be used in the company’s official shootings
Free digital marketing course and marketing techniques
VIP service to and from the university from Taksim Square
Lunch and reception during the course
Complete academic pamphlet



Teaching with the highest quality micro lenses from all angles required for maximum learning of students
An official university degree after the theory exam and approval of the submitted samples during the support period with the instructor
For the first time, it is possible to study modeling in international universities with Persian language
Complete academic pamphlet

After completing the course and receiving an official certificate and collecting a portfolio, you can start sending to modeling agencies around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are the courses only in-person?
– We hold short-term face-to-face and online courses for all levels, if you are unable to leave the country due to financial issues and cannot attend the courses in person.
The online cost of all courses is 50% cheaper
in-person courses and the validity of the documents are the same!

Is it registered online or in-person?
Yes, it is registered; But there is no difference in the validity of the documents
After receiving the certificate, you can translate it and submit it to embassies and universities around the world.
Keep in mind that the online education system has opened its place in all the prestigious universities of the world in the post-Corona world

Does Iran accept these documents?
This path is for friends who are on the path of internationalization
are more suitable (in case of inquiry from the official website of the university) inquiry is possible for any person
The only difference between us is not in the formality of our degrees.

Can we find a job in Turkey with this degree?
Working in Turkey is required to have a work permit of this country, and your degree will be part of your requirement to obtain a work permit.
In terms of validity, your degrees are academic and valid everywhere in the world

 Are these academic degrees?
By participating in various skill improvement courses in just one discipline
In a total of 72 hours, you will receive an official degree in the same field with an international QR code that can be queried by embassies and universities around the world.

After completing the course, are there conditions for working with your company?
For the best of each course, chosen by the company and if requested and having the conditions of immigration and living in this country, yes, because the aim of our academy is to help the development of the beloved artists on the way to their honors.

Can I pay the fees in installments?
Unfortunately, for the cost of the university and the degree, the total amount of the course must be paid to the system, but for your trip to Turkey, we are arranging contracts with the relevant companies, which will be announced through the page and website of the

I would really like to know where to start?
If you want to participate in our academy, choose your major, state your academic level in order to get registration advice in the best way.
If you mean the path of your honor, start your own research and development from the self-made option on the website

How can I trust you?
Our website has an electronic trust symbol, but again
You can be sure about this from the feedback of the participants in the past courses on virtual networks or our inquiry through email or phone call to the university.


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