The first beauty of the International Persian Language Academy with university degrees

Draft student registration form

Registration form and pre-registration of the company in the face-to-face course

Please re-evaluate the announced topics before registering for your desired course

Courses may be higher or lower than your academic level

pay attention

    The following details will be registered in your university’s registration form before your arrival, and the official registration form will be printed and ready for your signature on the first day of classes.

  • The information entered in Latin in the third step must match the passport
  • Mother’s name is required in Turkish registration system
  • Date of birth in Latin according to the year according to the passport
  • Our correspondence will be with your email address after registration
  • 48 hours after completing the registration, your profile and application will be submitted to the university and the registration process will be completed
  • If for any reason the student does not have the conditions to attend the class, he can change the type of application from face-to-face to online
  • Obtaining an in-person degree is possible only with your presence at the course venue and under the supervision of the Turkish government education system
  • Registration after completing the form and depositing the full amount of the completed course and an email based on the completion of the registration will be sent to you
  • Due to the reservation of most of the students in the hotels in Taksim area, special service students are traveling from the origin of Taksim to the destination of the university during the duration of the course.
  • The designated classes will be held only at the times listed in the program and cannot be changed, so please pay attention to the day and hours of the class when registering.
  • The use of mobile phones in classes is prohibited
  • Filming in any way from the classes is prohibited
Academy office: Istanbul, Wadi Istanbul, Skyland Tower, Unit 247