Robots in fashion

I think everyone saw Coperni’s Fall/Winter 2023 2024 show at Paris fashion week, that a yellow robot in a middle of the runway was attracting all the attentions buy starting the show.

As I was reading through comments people were all frightened and commented that they don’t want this to be the future!

Well , I have to say the robots are coming!
As a matter of fact it’s a long time since they’ve came in the business,
From working in the factories, cleaning the houses vacuuming our floors , AI speakers like Alexa or Amazon, even pet robots, or even robotic sex dolls ,To going to the space so fashion is not an exception in this new era.
As a matter of fact fashion is “what “ and” the why “ of robots coming along all the way up to our lives , because only fashion can introduce the new era , the new world, or better to say what is the new VIRAL or the new VISION.
You see nowadays there are AI based designs or robotic fashion shows especially in this season on fashion weeks , and this industry knows best how to highlight a topic at its best.
And of course the AI and robotic era have the various impacts on our lives, that robotics, automation and A.I. may have a significant influence on the global apparel industry in coming years, highlighting the plight of today’s human workers all over the world even in all the businesses.
I mean it’s occasionally accepted that the robotic automation and digitalization will increase the supply productivity and will improve the fashion industry’s sustainability performance and the results, but the panel was less united on where these innovations will leave human workers.
People will be jobless!
Because people can make mistakes but robots! Naaah!
People can be messy at work but not the robots and the artificial intelligence, I mean they are even good for the planet ( better than people )

“From manufacturing to design, to business analysis, all jobs in the fashion industry will change they will become flawless as some tasks are automated through the use of robotics and artificial intelligence,” said Carys Roberts, Senior Economist at the Institute for Public Policy Research .
Now we get to this topic the fast fashion companies like H&M , Shein , zara etc.
In fast fashion companies they have thousands of human workers mostly women of color with the highest hours of working and lowest payment with no professions they just need a job and help . Most of them are from Bangladesh and there’s a fact that will blow your mind
“top-five fashion brand can earn a Bangladeshi garment worker’s lifetime pay in just four days”
And the amount of trash this companies are making and the impact on our planet is worse than ever.
“We live in a fishbowl – a spaceship called Earth. We once thought our fishbowl was so large and big that pollution , contamination and the unlimited taking of resources would not matter. We were wrong “ said David Roberts of the Silicon Valley benefit corporation Singularity University.

He adds “In our world, anything not fully circular poisons and contaminate our small planet . Technology offers solutions, but leadership sets the speed of progress and adoption.”
The Global Fashion Agenda , the organizers of Copenhagen Fashion Summit, is urging small and big companies throughout the fashion industry to embrace environmentally and socially responsible practices and tasks, and maintains that companies like H&M and Zara are leading the way. If the future is to be bright for human workers, as well as our planet, technological innovation’s impact on people within the supply chain must be monitored closely, in this case human workers can have professions related to their job as well as a good earning , also the fear of dominating the world by robots will fade a little . But If it’s not, the heaviest collision will be dealt to workers in factories around the world , like human workers in Shein going viral for needing help !
I guess you’ve seen it on TikTok or other social platforms that on the clothing tags they cried out loud for help ! It’s a mystery but it is devastating.
So in my opinion robotizing and the usage of artificial intelligence in fashion industry is an amazing accomplishment for us humans , throughout the history we had so many victories in all Fields and this one is the newest “ Robots and AI designing something or work instead of a human. “

It has it’s disadvantages that humans will be jobless but the advantages are even more.
You just have to see the bigger picture, and think outside the box.
What do you think about the robots and AI in fashion and our lives? What are the pros and cons of using a robot? I’ll leave you think about it.
Stay tuned for more articles.

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