The new eyeshadow trend

The new eye shadow trend is what we’re going to talk about , each year different shades and colors are at the hit list especially the nude colors , as you may see the Kim K , Kylie or to be specific the Kardashian’s makeup lines are mostly nudes and very popular,
But this year we’re going back to the seventies and eighties era , when the hippie make-up style was a huge rage .

This summer’s trend eyeshadow list:
  • very edgy colors

eyeshadow-very-edgy colors

  •  metallic shiny shades

metallic-shiny-shades -image

  • gems

meredith duxbury-image

  • diamond
  • pearls


  • mixing different colors

  • temporary stickers

as a part of makeup especially the eye shadow has become very trendy.