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Top apps for designing

Applications for designing clothes, the new era of garment designing:

These days we come across News about applications that can design apparel or help the designers to grow their skills in fashion design .With the always-changing fashion trends & virals on social media, fashion designs, patterns and sketches , and technologies like AI or robotic influence and impact on fashion, it is almost impossible for designers to stay abeam with the latest market dynamics and
Kinetics .
So what happens when a fashion designing app come into this picture?
With the up going pace of fashion diversification, comes along the technology that can simplify the path ,as well.
One of this technologies , are the applications created to help the designers for a greater and faster results,as you know nowadays everything is on fast-forward pace and we need to catch up to the speed of techs and trends.
So what does an app perform exactly ?
They can design clothes based on the latest trends thanks to the AI ,also can do the illustrating and pattern making, can make workflow faster and more professional at high speed with the best advanced designing tools. The best part is that designers do not need a system or laptop to access these apps to design their fantasies, They can create impressive apparel designs and their dream, anywhere and everywhere with just their smartphones !
“ Yes just like magic (baby)
Just like magic (oh, yeah)

Middle finger to my thumb and then I snap it ,hey! “ like Ariana well said .
So here’s a list of 20 in_app purchased and free applications for designing clothes:

1_Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator-image
It’s a user_friendly revolutionary app that helps the fashion and digital fashion designers to create the unbelievable, believable.

Adobe Illustrator-image

You can create various printed and digital pics , it has many professional tools to work with and you can work with it on any system you like .

2_ Art Authority

Art Authority -image
This application is one of a kind with it’s carefully selected and organized insights on the western art , and also many ideas on modern and contemporary works all around the world.
It’s like a virtual library with over thousands of art trends, painting, colors,ideas, news that you can reach out to easily and get the idea and inspired by it to create your vision.


This application is like a digital sketchbook.
It allows the designers to sketch with an advanced range of patterns, fashion related templates, fabric patterns, this is an amazing app with realistic brushes and has professional fashion designing tools so that you can unleash the creativity within you.


So many designers have like 10 staff to go through the sketches but this easy to use app is offering an amazing tool to go through the existing illustrations and customize it ver easily and simply.

5_CLO 3D

This application is a must have app for the designers with futuristic fashion taste and style .it also have the latest Techs and tools easy to work with.


It’s an advanced web application that helps the designers and their team to work together easily,and the designer can simply design something, work on it with the team check the schedule and reports and then send the final look to the manufacturer with just one click.

7_Zapier and Workflow

So this app is a beast! Designers can connect two or more app through this one and making something like a web. It’s An advanced professional online automation tool that simplifies tasks by asking the connected apps to perform actions per the user’s instructions and steps.


It’s an amazing app an genius one! It’s a virtual meet up with the costumers! Each designer has like more than thousands ideas but maybe unsure to make them into a reality so this app helps the designer to seek the costumers likes and dislikes and taste , the make the clothing line that is popular wearable and suitable.

So let’s go through the free applications and see if they Worth working with:

1_Vogue Runway

Vogue Runway
It’s a great “ inspiration and motivation and full of ideas” kind of app to work with.
It has more that 12 thousands collections all around the world so you have an unlimited source of idea to get inspired by.


This app is based on artificial intelligence and can forecast and predict the upcoming trends and the customers likes and dislikes
To be specific the behavior on the trends . So it will help the designer to create the trendiest best apparels and designs.

3_Higg Co

higg co-image
This application is a software platform that helps designers take control of raw materials, products, patterns, stores, factories, energies, and working conditions and the apparel’s impact on the environment.


It’s an app for the beginners, to learn about patterns, fabrics, editing, sketching and customizing the sketches easily.


This one is a 3D application, working with this app is super easy. It has everything from the lighting and blurring to the fabric patterns and geometrical formulas, it’s very advanced yet easy to work with.


You can sketch, create , edit by just one click.
Easy to use and good designing tools to work with.


It’s also a 3D application for creative garment designs . it has many features like Automatic fabric analyzer, 2D CAD, powerful dashboard, true-to-life 3D simulation, and Vstitcher !

8_Digital Fashion Pro

This digital application is a great one that offers customizable clothing templates, CAD tools, design export, and 3D design models.


With an outstanding vector editor, an integrated prototyping option, and stunning plugins this app is a real helper throughout your designing career.


This one is for Android and IOS users, and allows the designers to connect with the fashion freaks all over the world to seek the newest trends. Also the user can bookmark the favorites For the future references.

11_Cameo v5 Apparel

This one is an advanced app that has a wide high tech design tools that you can easily work with and edit or customize the sketches.


This application is an image editing app that offers a variety of tools to create impressive art effects , sketches and patterns.
Therefore as mentioned above there are so many applications that can help the designers to work easier and better, for the top sales and best garment designs , also help the beginners to start their work easily and simply.
Stay tuned for more tech trends in fashion and beauty industry.

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