Bridal makeup trends in 2023

This year is to embrace more natural looks with a beautiful healthy glow.

Fresh-faced and glowy is this year’s trend.The rise of healthy skin and clean, serum-based foundations has our Fibo brides looking for light skin coverage with a glowy finish.


A common phrase we hear real brides say is they want to look to look like an elevated version of themselves as they exchange their vows.


So it’s all about a natural light contouring, pinkish blushes and light subtle and neutral eyeshadow and a light lipstick to moisturize the lips.


Champagnes, bronzes, and golds are our best color recommendations for keeping the eye look subtle but special for the wedding day.


At Fibo we think that a gloss is perfect because it is often more moisturizing than your standard lipstick, and it looks great in photos.and dear brides remember to Keep a gloss on hand for touchups throughout the night and do enjoy your day.