Famous Tik Tok beauty bloggers

Today I wanna introduce 3 makeup influencers that have been so famous on TikTo, stay tuned with Thirteen Academy

Number one

Meredith duxbury

Her odd method got her on top she uses 10 pumps of foundation plus a hard contrast contour on her face , of course she has many critics but she loves her method and really don’t care about the criticism. She gained over 18 million followers on TikTok, had many collaboration with different brands and been invited to many parties including the Met gala after part.

meredith duxbury-image2

meredith duxbury-image1
Number two

Safiya nygaard

safiya nygaard-ai-image

She gained over 16 million followers in total on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok she’s famous for her unusual and comedy videos and her honesty.
She sometimes mix 600 different shades of eyeshadow to come to the desired color or use natural ingredients to make rouge! She’s so creative and popular.

safiya nygaard-image1

safiya nygaard-image2
Number three

Nikkie de jager

nicki de jager-ai-image

She’s gained over 30 million followers in total on YouTube Instagram and TikTok she’s famous for her fair reviews, her makeup routines are so unique and beautiful. And she has her own line of make up products right now but also been working with many companies celebrities and brands.