Guide to placing an order from Trendshop

Trendshop is an unlimited online store in the field of fashion and beauty, with the aim of expanding the world of fashion and beauty and the well-being of the fans, and has made it possible to choose your unique style from among the various brands and original products, aligned with your favorite brand. reveal

Follow the steps below to place an order for Trend Shop products:

1- Select the desired category

First, select your desired category and by clicking on the category, go to the list of brands in the desired category.

2- Select the desired brand

Similar to the image, by clicking on the image of the desired brand, you will be directed to the store page and the list of products of your chosen brand

3-List of selected brand products

On this page you can see the complete list of products

4- Select the desired product

After choosing your product and specifying the custom specifications, copy the product link similar to the image below

5- The final stage, order registration

Return to the Trendshop page and complete the form from the order registration section

And enter the copied link in the product link field.

After successfully registering the order form, the operators will contact you.