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With new beauty trends coming out on social media every year, there are always exciting techniques and methods to discover. For people who want to constantly challenge themselves on what they can do creatively, this can seem like a dream come true! A career in this industry will never ever be the same because you’ll need to be constantly educating yourself with the current techniques and outgrowing meyhods. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for cosmetologists is expected to grow 8% from 2018 to 2028 so listen along. This is a huge growth and just one example of how much the beauty industry is expanding every second.


Helping people feel and look their best can be one of the most rewarding parts of working in the beauty industry. It’s an amazing and cheerful experience when your clients look in the mirror and smile when they see their new style, by you . Especially since you know that you were able to give them that confidence boost that look with something you created with your own unique style and techniques. It’s an exciting challenge for artistic people to keep up with current trends and viral styls as well as listening to each client individually to make something original for each client.


Maybe when you think of your future career in beauty industry, you assume that you’d be working in a salon or have a salon for your own. While some people thrive so high in a salon setting , there are many beauty professionals who prefer to work in other areas of the beauty industry or even work freelance. As the beauty industry continues to grow, there are numerous career options and job offerings that could be available to you after receiving an eligible license degree in the area you want to study and become like a professional Master.

Maybe you love hair , nail or etc and you want to pass on your knowledge to others who want to learn more about it like a master. A future as a cosmetology instructor could be a great and suitable option for you. Or maybe you love learning about skin care techniques and you want to help others achieve glowing baby like skin. You may find that working as a skin specialist is a perfect fit for you. It all depends on you and where you want to take your future in beauty.


Working in a conventional 9-5 work schedule isn’t for everyone, and not everyone likes working nine to five. In fact, I think flexible scheduling can be what decides whether a job is the right fit for someone . According to recent studies, flexible scheduling has been found to increase satisfaction at any work and help employees become more productive and do the job with love. In the study, 77% of employees said that they consider flexible working schedules a major consideration when deciding on a new job opportunity. The flexible scheduling that multiple beauty careers can offer is just another great example of the beauty industry’s benefits.


Going after something you absolutely love is an exciting decision, but it can be easy to become discouraged if you feel like your end goal seems a little far away. Students who attend a traditional college may need to wait four years before they can enter the working world with the skill set they need and when the time comes the knowledge is pretty much old!. At Thirteen Beauty and Fashion Academy, our cosmetology program and fashion program with Many branches will provide students with the hours necessary to sit for world’s licensing exam. This allows you to start using your skills in the industry you’re passionate about sooner and the eligibility of the license is because our classes are held at the universities and you’ll get the license from there so you can START YOUR FUTURE IN BEAUTY AND FASHION WITH US.
Are you ready to begin your education in beauty/ fashion? At Thirteen Beauty and fashion Academy, our courses in cosmetology ,esthetics fashion are designed to teach students the latest in both beauty and fashion with marketing skills! Contact us to find out how you can start the application process. We can’t wait to help you start your beauty education!
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